07/08 Champions League 2nd Round Preview

Champions League football returns with 16 teams aiming for progress in Europe in the coming weeks (2nd Round fixtures will be played on 19/20 Feb and 4/5 Mar).

Players will have to be careful in how much they flail their elbows, protest decisions and rush to the defense of their teammates as Uefa has given refs strict instructions last week to show straight red cards for dangerous fouls and yellow cards for excessive protesting (which includes running to the ‘crime scene’ from a long distance away).

I wonder why Uefa doesn’t just come out and limit the right of protest to the captain? It’s not as if the ref is going to change his mind if the player threatens him or starts crying. Get rid of this protesting nonsense and let’s get on with the game dammit. If the ref’s that bad then there are solutions for that as well.

In any case, several interesting matchups here, most notably for Italian teams with Milan up against Arsenal, Inter against Liverpool and Roma facing Real Madrid. Here’s are detailed previews for each game:


07/08 Champions League Round of 16 Previews


Celtic vs. Barcelona
Olympique Lyonnais
Lyon vs. Man Utd
Man Utd
Schalke 04
Schalke vs. Porto
FC Porto
Liverpool vs. Inter Milan
Inter Milan
AS Roma
Roma vs. Real Madrid
Real Madrid
Arsenal vs. AC Milan
AC Milan
Olympiakos vs. Chelsea
Fenerbahce vs. Sevilla
Sevilla FC

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