2007/2008 Champions League fixture dates

This season’s Champions League fixture dates have been announced and the individual fixtures for the group stages have been finalised.

The Champions League final will be held in Moscow on May 21, 2008.

Below is the complete timetable to the Champions League:

Group Stage

Matchday 1: 18/19.9.2007
Matchday 2: 02/03.10.2007
Matchday 3: 23/24.10.2007
Matchday 4: 06/07.11.2007
Matchday 5: 27/28.11.2007
Matchday 6: 11/12.12.2007

First Knockout Round

First Leg: 19/20.2.2008
Second Leg: 04/05.3.2008


First Leg: 01/02.4.2008
Second Leg: 08/09.4.2008


First Leg: 22/23.4.2008
Second Leg: 29/30.4.2008


Moscow: 21.5.2008

Group Stage Fixtures

Individual fixtures for the group stages:

Matchday One – Tuesday – 18 Sep 2007

Marseille vs Besiktas (A)
Porto vs Liverpool (A)
Chelsea vs Rosenborg (B)
Schalke vs Valencia (B)
Real Madrid vs Werder Bremen (C)
Olympiakos vs Lazio (C)
AC Milan vs Benfica (D)
Shakhtar Donetsk vs Celtic (D)

Matchday One – Wednesday – 19 Sep 2007

Rangers vs Stuttgart (E)
Barcelona vs Lyon (E)
Roma vs Dinamo Kiev (F)
Sporting Lisbon vs Manchester United (F)
PSV Eindhoven vs CSKA Moscow (G)
Fenerbahce vs Inter Milan (G)
Arsenal vs Sevilla (H)
Slavia Praha vs Steaua Bucharest (H)

Matchday Two – Tuesday – 2 Oct 2007

Lyon vs Rangers (E)
Stuttgart vs Barcelona (E)
Manchester United vs Roma (F)
Dinamo Kiev vs Sporting Lisbon (F)
Inter Milan vs PSV Eindhoven (G)
CSKA Moscow vs Fenerbahce (G)
Steaua Bucharest vs Arsenal (H)
Sevilla vs Slavia Praha (H)

Matchday Two – Wednesday – 3 Oct 2007

Liverpool vs Marseille (A)
Besiktas vs Porto (A)
Valencia vs Chelsea (B)
Rosenborg vs Schalke (B)
Lazio vs Madrid (C)
Werder Bremen vs Olympiakos (C)
Celtic vs AC Milan (D)
Benfica vs Shakhtar Donetsk (D)

Matchday Three – Tuesday – 23 Oct 2007

Stuttgart vs Lyon (E)
Rangers vs Barcelona (E)
Dinamo Kiev vs Manchester United (F)
Roma vs Sporting Lisbon (F)
CSKA Moscow vs Inter Milan (G)
PSV Eindhoven vs Fenerbahce (G)
Sevilla vs Steaua Bucharest (H)
Arsenal vs Slavia Praha (H)

Matchday Three – Wednesday – 24 Oct 2007

Besiktas vs Liverpool (A)
Marseille vs Porto (A)
Rosenborg vs Valencia (B)
Chelsea vs Schalke (B)
Werder Bremen vs Lazio (C)
Real Madrid vs Olympiakos (C)
Benfica vs Celtic (D)
AC Milan vs Shakhtar Donetsk (D)

Matchday Four – Tuesday – 6 Nov 2007

Liverpool vs Besiktas (A)
Porto vs Marseille (A)
Valencia vs Rosenborg (B)
Schalke vs Chelsea (B)
Lazio vs Werder Bremen (C)
Olympiakos vs Real Madrid (C)
Celtic vs Benfica (D)
Shakhtar Donetsk vs AC Milan (D)

Matchday Four – Wednesday – 7 Nov 2007

Lyon vs Stuttgart (E)
Barcelona vs Rangers (E)
Manchester United vs Dinamo Kiev (F)
Sporting Lisbon vs Roma (F)
Inter Milan vs CSKA Moscow (G)
Fenerbahce vs PSV Eindhoven (G)
Steaua Bucharest vs Sevilla (H)
Slavia Praha vs Arsenal (H)

Matchday Five – Tuesday – 27 Nov 2007

Stuttgart vs Rangers (E)
Lyon vs Barcelona (E)
Dinamo Kiev vs Roma (F)
Manchester United vs Sporting Lisbon (F)
CSKA Moscow vs PSV Eindhoven (G)
Inter Milan vs Fenerbahce (G)
Sevilla vs Arsenal (H)
Steaua Bucharest vs Slavia Praha (H)

Matchday Five – Wednesday – 28 Nov 2007

Besiktas vs Marseille (A)
Liverpool vs Porto (A)
Rosenborg vs Chelsea (B)
Valencia vs Schalke (B)
Werder Bremen vs Real Madrid (C)
Lazio vs Olympiakos (C)
Benfica vs Milan (D)
Celtic vs Shakhtar Donetsk (D)

Matchday Six – Tuesday – 11 Dec 2007

Marseille vs Liverpool (A)
Porto vs Besiktas (A)
Chelsea vs Valencia (B)
Schalke vs Rosenborg (B)
Real Madrid vs Lazio (C)
Olympiakos vs Werder Bremen (C)
*AC Milan vs Celtic FC (D)
*Shakhtar Donetsk vs Benfica (D)

*Matchday Six for AC Milan’s group (Group D) will be held on 4th December due to AC Milan’s participation in the Fifa World Club tournament.

Matchday Six – Wednesday – 12 Dec 2007

Rangers vs Lyon (E)
Barcelona vs Stuttgart (E)
Roma vs Manchester United (F)
Sporting Lisbon vs Dinamo Kiev (F)
PSV Eindhoven vs Inter Milan (G)
Fenerbahce vs CSKA Moscow (G)
Arsenal vs Steaua Bucharest (H)
Slavia Praha vs Sevilla (H)