Ferguson covers Moyes’ back in Manchester United’s boardroom

manchester united

Sir Alex Ferguson was recently spotted at the Oscars ceremony in America. The crueller elements of the press may have suggested that he wanted to be in the company of by winners for a change as he’d probably forgotten what that felt like. Doubtless however, no-one would have been brave enough to level the charge to the craggy old Scot’s face, and you can’t really blame them for that. All that said, the glitter and glamour of the ‘showbiz luvvies’ won’t have deterred Ferguson’s mind too much from the dilemma facing his club, and the best way to resolve it. Reports suggest however that, as far as the ex-manager is concerned at least, ditching new man David Moyes is definitely not the solution.

When Ferguson finally quit the Old Trafford hot seat, it was widely reported that it was at his instigation that Moyes was approached to replace him. Despite some claims to the contrary by a certain Irish ex-skipper however, Ferguson is nothing but loyal, and it’s being reported that his is the voice that is counselling patience with the new man, and that he will come good. The ‘capital’ that Ferguson has built up over his twenty-odd years of success at the club is now being deployed to protect his chosen successor, and he is very much tying his success to that of Moyes. Such is the influence of Ferguson in the Old Trafford hierarchy however, that others are persuaded to trust his judgement on the matter – and the question must be asked, why on earth shouldn’t they. Hers’ a man that knows more about successfully managing football clubs than almost anyone you can name, and more about doing that at Manchester United tan anyone at all.

Whether Ferguson would have tolerated the ‘off stage’ mutterings of some players, or even have done the things that may have provoked them is probably a different story entirely. That to one side however, so long as Moyes has Ferguson in the board room supporting him, the club is unlikely in the extreme to abandon their new manager.

Ferguson has expressed a firm declaration not to return to the manger’s chair, and that on its own is probably a strong case for keeping Moyes in place. The old Scot knows, and will certainly recall the tribulations he experienced when first taking over at such a massive club as Manchester United. Having a man with such experience and empathy in the board room is a great asset to Moyes. Many thought that the shadow of Ferguson would hang heavy over Moyes and make his job ultimately untenable. To date however, the reverse very much seems to be the case.

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