Ronaldo vs Ronaldinho / Manchester United vs Barcelona

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With the ‘Ronaldo to Barcelona’ rumours refusing to die down, and with News Of The World (NOTW) adding fuel to the fire by claiming that Ronaldo wanted a new 8.3m contract, Manchester United fans are understandably worried about Ronaldo’s future at the club.

In fact, I’d say we’re not just bothered, we’re downright pissed off.

Last week I asked Manchester United fans whether they’d prefer Ronaldinho or Ronaldo to be in the side. An overwhelming majority replied that Ronaldo was their pick, but what I found really interesting was how people undervalued Ronaldinho’s skills and value as a player. Some went even as far as to forget that Manchester United were willing to pay 20m+ for this player, or that Ronaldinho is one those select few midfielders who are genuinely world class (a group Ronaldo is considered to have broken into this year).

For someone who has scored 16 goals (maybe more) this season, Ronaldinho is definitely not ‘out of form’. Rumours of him being unhappy at Barcelona are largely untrue as well. He still has 5 years of football left in him, is a fantastic marketing icon (Nike absolutely love him) and above all has shown little signs of dropping in form.

Like Ronaldo at Manchester United, Ronaldinho has had 3 years at Barcelona and is now well settled in. Consider as well that Ronaldo was a replacement for Ronaldinho, who in turn was supposed to have been a replacement for David Beckham. How things change, eh?

The rumours will continue – both about Ronaldo (the english media have finally found someone other than Chelsea to pester) and about Ronaldinho (the Italians are good at drumming up press, no matter how innocent Milan make themselves to be). For my money both players will be at their respective clubs come September 2007, and the main reason behind that would be the sustained challenge for trophies that Manchester United and Barcelona offer.

Ronaldo to Barcelona? Not yet. Ronaldinho to Milan? Not yet. Lampard to Barcelona? Don’t we wish 🙂

The big question is – who is the better player – Ronaldo or Ronaldinho?

The floor is yours.

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