Will Ronaldo betray Manchester United?

Update:Ronaldo signs 5 year contract at Manchester United

Jorge Mendes is certain that he will. Real Madrid are certain that he will.

Actually, let me scratch that and tell you the truth.

The Spanish press dreams that it will be possible. Tribal Football laps it up. The Guardian, increasingly resembling a “white-knight” version of Tribal Football, laps it up as well.

So let’s have it, shall we?

Someone from Madrid (Baldini) met Jorge Mendes (Ronaldo’s agent, and also Mourinho’s agent) in London last Wedensday. The contents of that meeting are unknown but speculation is the mother of necessity where news is concerned so let’s read some speculation.

  • Real Madrid have identified Cristiano Ronaldo as their No. 1 priority for next season. Yes, we know that, Calderon is eager to sign him.
  • Real Madrid say that they are prepared to meet Manchester United’s asking price – reported to be €80m (£54m) but considering that Manchester United have categorically refused to discuss Ronaldo’s transfer, that amount is pulled out of an asshat. Also note that Real Madrid recently said that they will not pay 50m for any player.
  • Real Madrid are prepared to beat any contract offer made by Manchester United – which loosely translates into throwing the player into money and hoping that he sticks around.
  • Mendes claims that Ronaldo will reject Manchester United’s contract offer. This means, if it’s true, that Mendes doesn’t want Ronaldo to stay at Old Trafford. Why? Is it because he thinks Ronaldo will be better off at Real Madrid? Hmmm…
  • That rumour of Ronaldo wanting 140,000 / week has come up again. Since we don’t actually know, we can assume that it’s either Mendes who’s pushing for this or that it’s all a lie and Ronaldo’s only asking for parity with Rio (90k / week).
  • Mendes has also reportedly assured Real Madrid that Ronaldo will force an exit from Manchester United – in translation, that resolves to Mendes doing everything in his power to get Ronaldo out of Manchester United.

What do I think?

Ronaldo’s not going anywhere this summer.

Ronaldo’s not asking for 140k / week.

Real Madrid are not prepared to pay 50m. However, if Real ARE willing to pay 50m, then it’s something that’s worth discussing.

Jorge Mendes is working directly against Manchester United’s interests. I’d like to see how they handle the situation.

Real Madrid cannot be faulted for trying to get the player – although there should be regulations that prevent clubs from meeting agents like this.

And for the record – I understand the irony of the situation. Last year I was eagerly discussing similar transfer rumours involving Arsenal players. This year it’s Manchester United’s turn, and we’re going to be in this for the next four and a half months. Better get used to it.

What do you think?

Manchester United fans? Real Madrid fans? What do you guys think?

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