What Is The Highest Scoring Major League Baseball Game Off All-Time?


The 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is edging ever closer and fans from across the world can expect all the usual frills and spills with over 160 games to enjoy. 

30 teams will battle it out to be crowned World Series champions, an honour which is currently held by the Texas Rangers.

Over the course of its starred history, MLB has seen many games etched into the record books but have you ever wondered what the highest scoring MLB game of all-time is?

Highest Scoring MLB Game Ever

Major League Baseball is typically renowned for its close battles and strategic contests but occasionally, fans can be treated to some gung-ho offensive performances that have generated some crazy scorelines.

The highest scoring MLB game is one that’ll likely not be beaten any time soon. In fact, it happened over 100 years ago which further highlights just how special the match-up was.

On August 25, 1922, two of the leagues finest locked horns, the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies, played out an enthralling and epic contest that left fans in awe.

What happened on that historic day at the Baker Bowl was nothing short of extraordinary. A stunning offensive game from both sides saw them continuously attack each other’s pitchers.

What transpired by the end of the game will always live long in the memory of MLB fans from across the globe; an astonishing 49 runs were registered with the Cubs coming out on top winning 26-23.

Unsurprisingly, the highest scoring MLB game of all-time was littered with brilliant individual performances – with Chuck Klein, Cy Williams and Max Flack particularly impressing.

Chicago Cubs Vs Philadelphia Phillies

The legacy created from the four-hour extravaganza between the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies in 1922 serves as a huge testament to one of America’s favorite sports.

Even to this day, the 49-run game classic continues to capture the imagination of fans and enthusiasts from all over the world, and rightly so.

Some games have gone marginally close to equalling the record for the highest scoring MLB game of all-time but the Cubs-Phillies still boast that honour.

With that in mind, the two teams actually endured another marathon encounter at Wrigley Field in 1979 which saw an astonishing 45 runs recorded.

The Phillies actually came out on top 23-22 so 57 years after their first epic, some could argue they finally got their revenge against the Cubs.

Perhaps something that added an extra level of craziness to the 1979 score is that an extra innings were required with a total of 22 runs on the board.

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