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Should West Brom Hire A Foriegn Manager?



The Premier League is filled with foreign players and managers alike, but should West Bromwich Albion appoint one to become manager of the club?

Managers like Pepe Mel, Ralf Ragnick and even Argentinean great Diego Maradona have been linked with the Baggies post since former boss Steve Clarke was sacked and they all will bring a different style to the Albion side.

Diego Maradona

It is important for West Brom to have some Premier League experience at the helm in order to help carve out results and be tactically aware of what the rest of the teams have to offer when we come up against them.

Roy Hodgson set up his sides differently against each team because of his experience playing against them in the past because he knew the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. He knew which players to play in which position to get the best possible result. Former manager Clarke began his reign as West Brom manager brightly because of his knowledge on the league. If West Brom are to appoint a foreign manager they will need to patient and be given time in order to understand the league and the tactics of the other teams.

Much like players, it will also take time for managers to settle in the league. It will take time for the players to learn his planned training sessions and tactics. Managers like Andre Villas Boas have come to the Premier League with high reputations but have struggled because of the new levels of intense media and style of the Premier League so it could take a long time before a manager can make the impact he wants to make.

However, four of the top five clubs in the table have a foreign manager. This clearly shows the impact they can have in the league if they are fully backed by the board and supporters.

If West Brom are to go in this route it will be vital for the new boss to retain the majority of the backroom staff. Coaches like Dean Kiely will be very important to the new manager because of his experiences in the league. He has played over 600 times in the English leagues and the knowledge he has of players and clubs will be vital to get the new man off to a winning start.

English football is also moving away from the old traditional 4-4-2 formations, into a new style of play which comes from overseas. Clubs are beginning to pack the midfield, keeping possession of the ball for longer periods of play and playing a lone striker. The methods come from abroad so a new coach would help the transition of the football club to compete and change in the same way as English football.

It is important that West Brom move with the times and changes of English football and one of the best ways of doing this could be by appointing a foreign manager to propel them up the league.