WATCH: Corey Conners’ Wife, Malory Conners Reactions to His Second PGA Tour Win at the Valero Texas Open

corey conners malory conners 1
corey conners malory conners 1

When Corey Conners, the Canadian PGA Tour professional, swings his way to victory, it’s hard not to notice the supportive figure cheering him on – his wife, Malory Conners. This dynamic duo has captured the hearts of golf fans worldwide, and their story is one of love, support, and priceless reactions.

Who is Malory Conners?

Corey and Malory’s love story began in college, where they met at Kent State University. The couple tied the knot in 2018 and welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Reis, in November 2021. Malory, formerly a teacher, decided to leave her role to travel full time with Corey on the PGA Tour.

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In 2019, Corey won his first PGA Tour event, the Valero Texas Open, with Malory by his side. Her enthusiastic reactions to his victory went viral, as fans couldn’t get enough of her genuine excitement. Catch a glimpse of Malory’s priceless reactions here:

More Malory Conners Reactions

Fast forward to the recent Texas Valero Open, where Corey secured his second victory in the event. Malory was back at the same course, this time with baby Reis in tow, cheering Corey on from the sidelines. Once again, her reactions were a highlight of the day, capturing the hearts of spectators and viewers alike. Check out Malory’s memorable reactions here:

Corey Conners Heading to Augusta with Malory by His Side

Corey’s latest triumph earned him a hefty $1.6 million and marked his second career PGA Tour victory. Now, he’s heading to the prestigious Masters Tournament, where he’s had three top-ten finishes in the past three years.

As Corey steps onto the iconic greens of Augusta, there’s no doubt that Malory will be by his side, cheering him on every step of the way. Whether he’s sinking putts or navigating the challenging fairways, Corey can count on Malory’s unwavering support and enthusiasm.

In the competitive world of the PGA Tour, having a supportive partner can make all the difference. And with Malory Conners in his corner, Corey Conners is not only a winner on the course but also a winner in life.

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