UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin Considers Champions League Final in the USA


UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has hinted at the possibility of a Champions League final being played in the United States in the future. In a recent interview with the Men in Blazers podcast, Ceferin discussed the prospect of taking Europe’s premier club football event to American soil.

Champions League Final Heading to USA Soon?

The Champions League was established in 1955, but the prestigious soccer tournament has never seen a game held outside of Europe. However, Ceferin believes that a break from tradition might be in order as soccer continues to gain popularity in the United States. The sport’s rising popularity has prompted UEFA to explore new avenues to capitalize on the American market.

Ceferin explained the potential timeline for a final in the US, saying, “It’s possible. We started to discuss it but then one year it was the World Cup, 24 is Euros, this year (the final) is in Istanbul, ’24 is in London and ’25 is in Munich and after that, let’s see.”

It seems he idea is on the table for future consideration.

US Viewership Numbers Prove Soccer’s Popularity

One of the driving factors behind this potential change is the impressive viewership numbers in the United States for European soccer events.

“The European Championship finals was watched by more people in the United States than the NBA Finals,” Ceferin said. “For 30 matches of the Euros, the viewership was like Super Bowl viewership.”

These impressive numbers showcase the growing interest in soccer among American audiences, which could lead to lucrative commercial opportunities for UEFA. However, Ceferin acknowledged that there are obstacles to overcome, such as the time difference between Europe and the United States.

Hosting the final on the Pacific coast, for example, could result in matches kicking off around midnight in Europe.

Soccer Hoping to Emulate the NFL Going the Other Way

Despite these challenges, the idea of a Champions League final in the United States is not entirely unprecedented. Other sports, like the NFL, have successfully ventured into new markets, with regular-season games taking place in London.

In addition to the potential for a Champions League final, Ceferin also mentioned the possibility of a four-team Super Cup being played in the US from 2024. This event could feature the champions of Major League Soccer alongside the winners of UEFA’s three men’s club competitions.

The United States is set to co-host the 2026 World Cup along with Mexico and Canada, which could further boost soccer’s popularity in the region. As the sport continues to grow in the US, Ceferin sees it as an “important, promising market for the future.” Fans on both sides of the Atlantic will be watching closely to see if this exciting development comes to fruition in the years to come.

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