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Tottenham fans react to reports about players being unhappy with Pochettino



The last week turned out to be a nightmare for Tottenham Hotspur.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side lost 7-2 at home against Bayern Munich in the Champions League during the midweek and suffered a shock 3-0 defeat against Brighton in the Premier League on Saturday.

They have made a shaky start to the season and following their latest defeat, it looks they are in a crisis at the moment.

Pochettino is under huge pressure. The performance against Brighton was so uninspiring that doubts surfaced whether the Argentine has lost the dressing room after taking the club to its maximum potential.

Of course, the players get a large share of the blame. It’s staggering to see so many players making silly errors in almost each and every game, and there is a dearth of dynamism and energy in Tottenham’s playing style this season.

A club insider told Athletic that although Pochettino has not lost the dressing room as yet, the players feel they are physically and mentally drained out under him.

“The place is a regime and they’re sick of him,” one dressing room source told the Athletic. “It’s his way or nothing, there is no balance. The players don’t get the impression they are trusted at all.”

Spurs fans have taken to Twitter to express their reaction, and the majority of them feel that Pochettino has lost the dressing room.

Tottenham find themselves ninth in the Premier League table with 11 points after eight games.