Speed Linking: 2/09/06

I’m not going to be around today, so here are a few articles that you should definitely be reading:

CaughtOffside.com digs up some dirt on MSI and their dirty money connections. It’s all very cloak-n-dagger stuff, and while a lot of it can not be proven it makes you wonder what football is going towards.

Kenn Emetulu (a person I’ve disagreed with several times in the past) reads up on FIFA laws regarding stipulations that allow players to buy out the last year of their contract, and comes up with very interesting conclusions.

Richard Williams talks about Terry Venables, his innovative coaching methods and what he can bring to the England team.

A hilarious story (probably untrue) of how a Spurs fan got two Arsenal fans into a fight with each other.

I’ll be covering the England-Andorra game tonight, and will try to get the Brazil v Argentina game as well.

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