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Rafael Benitez is Scrooge



A Christmas Carol is quite possibly the best Christmas story ever. It teaches us that life isn’t all about being successful and wealthy and that we should try to be happy and make those around us happy, and this is illustrated through Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Traumatized in his sleep one night, Scrooge is visited by ghosts of Christmas past, present and future who show him what has, is, and will happen if he continues to be the way he is. Eventually, Scrooge changes his ways and shares his wealth with everyone he knows and ultimately finds himself on the quest for happiness.

Rafael Benitez is most certainly Scrooge. Oh Rafa, you used your pixie dust far too soon in your tenure as manager of Liverpool, and I believe it run out a very long time ago. Your (quite literal) fifteen minutes of fame are over and I think that until somebody shows you the door, Tiny Tim is going to die a slow and painful death.

You haven’t bought anybody outstanding since Mr. Torres came to town two seasons ago and although it was impossible to argue with your tactical magic in seasons (and Christmas) past, your game plans have now become very questionable and has left us all in a state of distress.  Either you must leave, or you must find your inner new Scrooge, because your beard and your rants are beginning to annoy us all (seriously…this whole lone striker thing is getting very old).

Liverpool fans have been seeing the ghosts of Christmas past when dreaming of the way things used to be, but you can only dream about the miracle in Istanbul for so long before coming to the profound realization that that was five years ago. Since then, the only silverware that the reds have collected came in the form of an FA cup and a community shield, hardly anything to brag about.

The ghost of Christmas present is showing us that things aren’t going to get any better with Benitez at the helm, while the ghost of Christmas future shows us the same thing he showed Scrooge: depression and the death of Tiny Tim (and really, how can we let that cute little guy die?).

So Rafaneezer Scrooge, please either see the light and change your ways (preferably towards winning ones) or begone and let the Merseyside Gods put another in your place.

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