Putting the billions of Manchester City & Chelsea into proper context

There’s been plenty of chatter about the fiscal power of Chelsea FC and Manchester City in recent years, especially in the context of their recent clashes. The head-to-head record for the last three Premier League games points to 3 wins out of 3 for Manchester City, a considerable achievement and since all three have come under Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti, I’m sure he’ll be itching to rectify this statistic come the return leg at Stamford Bridge.

Are Man City better than Chelsea? Head to head records aren’t everything – despite spending almost twice as much as Chelsea on wages for some players, Manchester City haven’t always found the performances necessary to propel them into a genuine title challenge. This was especially true last season as they missed the opportunity to fill the gap left by Liverpool’s tailspin of a season. They’ll have their shot again this season with Liverpool already out of the title race (according to some pundits) and Tottenham still facing their familiar troubles of failing to beat the smaller sides.

It has to be said – money spent doesn’t determine the quality of the player, team or manager. Ultimately they are all judged by their success on the pitch, and in that respect Manchester City are not much better than, say, Arsenal, and that must be grating to the owners despite their seemingly limit-less funds.

One thing is for sure though – just as Chelsea’s billions couldn’t stop Manchester United from winning three league titles in a row, Manchester City’s billions won’t win them the title. The players will, and for that to happen they have to keep winning week in week out and not just against Chelsea twice a year.

Man City v Chelsea - Studs Up

Studs Up – by Chris Toy.

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