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(2010) Studs Up is created by Chris Toy and is the most popular football comic on the web. Every weekday, a new comic is pulled from the depths from his football-induced dementia. Chris is also the founder of CaughtOffside.com.

Adebayor isn’t done with Arsenal players yet

For more web comics on football, check out Studs Up by Chris Toy.

Chelsea have been caught tapping up several times in the last few years

...so for FIFA to get tough on them, especially in wake of recent UEFA efforts to make a public display of intent to stamp...

Has Rafa Benitez Quit Liverpool?

No he hasn't. Of course he hasn't. My apologies for leading you to think that he had. However, it does help me draw attention to...

Manchester City are buying up all the real men

Because you know, it's not about the money but the ambition of playing for the richest owners in the game.

The penalty given at Old Trafford, the penalty not given at the Reebok and...

The highlight of the Right Result weekend, so to speak, was referee Howard Webb's decision that is perceived to have changed the flow of...

Proof that Riley will be 100% unbiased during Everton-United game

Riley is a good referee. He's an honest referee. He's not a Manchester United fan - he was, but like all true United fans...

Liverpool can win Premier League AND Champions League

Or how YOU can play your part in helping Liverpool win the Double: Studs Up - Chris Toy

The not-so-Special One: Why we love to hate Jose Mourinho

It doesn't matter where Jose Mourinho goes these days, there always seems to be someone lurking in the dark (most likely a journalist) that's...

How To Stop A Penalty

Ah...Penalties. Easy for the goalkeepers - they're expected not to save them but are heroes if they do - but terrifying for the penalty-takers...

When not to trust Arsene’s methods…

Arsene Wenger has incredible faith in his players and while some Arsenal fans, the press at large and supporters of rival clubs slate Mr...

Asian fans, who do you support – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United?

Studs Up by Chris Toy. Which Club Do You Support? ( polls)Non Asian fans can poll their maids, the class / office geeks...

Is it time to panic yet?

The first weekend of the 08/09 season saw Tottenham lose away to Middlesbrough, Manchester United held to a draw at home to Newcastle, Portsmouth...

Studs-Up – Football Comic Strip

Disclaimer: If you don't have a sense of humor, this isn't for you. Everyone else, read on! As football fans, we can get extremely...

Arsenal’s top-secret strategy for raising transfer funds

Studs Up is a football comic strip by Chris Toy - you can find it (and subscribe to it) here. Manchester United and Tottenham find...