Premier League on course to make January window records, with £278m already spent


Premier League clubs’ financial might is again on display during the ongoing January transfer window. According to the figures collected by, PL clubs have already spent 278.1m GBP on transfers during the ongoing transfer window. In comparison, Premier League clubs spent a total of £295m in the 2022 January window. 

PL clubs spent a record £430m in January 2018

Premier League on course to make January window records, with £278m already spent
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Until recently, the January transfer window saw only a limited amount of transfer activity in European football. It was considered not the best of times to get the best value for the buck, and big clubs rarely used the window to make big-money signings. Most of the business in January was conducted by relegation-threatened clubs.

However, the Premier League clubs have started to show a greater inclination to spend more money in the January window in the last few years. According to the estimates, PL clubs have already spent more than £278m in the window so far, and they are well on course to surpass the £295m paid by them last January.

The current title of the most expensive January window belongs to 2018 when PL sides spent a total of £430m in total. That transfer window was an outlier as the spending doubled exactly compared to the previous year owing to big-money transfers of Virgil van Dijk, Aymeric Laporte, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang etc.

However, if the first half of the current window is any indicator, then we are going to see that record being broken this month. 

When we compare the January windows in recent years to the ones from 2012-2015, we see a gradual increase in transfer activity, albeit a couple of outliers in 2018 and 2021.

As stated above, PL clubs spent a record amount of money in 2018, whereas the league refrained from spending in 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19.

After austerity measures in 2021, PL clubs decided to go big in 2022, spending £295m in the January window alone. 

Led by Chelsea, the PL clubs are determined to make an even bigger splash in the market in 2023. With clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle United, and more still looking to do business this month, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the total spending crosses the £500m mark.

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