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Premier League on course to make January window records, with £278m already spent

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Jan 17 2023

Premier League clubs’ financial might is again on display during the ongoing January transfer window. According to the figures collected by, PL clubs have already spent 278.1m GBP on…


Premier League stars played most at the World Cup with more than 30k minutes of football

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Dec 19 2022

Now that the World Cup is over, the focus will soon shift towards club football. A lot has been talked about how the mid-season World Cup could affect clubs during…

World Cup 2022

Ten Biggest Buyouts In Sports[Report]

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Dec 7 2022

It’s the season of buyouts in the sporting industry. With recent reports suggesting that Premier League giants Manchester United and Liverpool have been put up for sale, we at Spots…


Analysis of Biggest Upsets in Premier League [2002-22]

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Oct 19 2022

We at went through historical results and betting odds of every Premier League game from 2002 to 2022 to determine the biggest upsets during the period. Here are the…

fbl eng pr man city crystal palace e1611308043168

Premier League Players and Their Nationalities – 2021/22 [Report]

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Aug 22 2022

The Premier League has genuinely established itself as the global football league. It also helps that the financial might of the Premier League also attracts international footballing talent. We at…

nathan rogers ObhCU6Vhoe8 unsplash 1

Barcelona suffered biggest losses in Europe due to empty stadiums

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Jul 14 2022

In 2021-22, world football made a strong comeback from the pandemic. However, the effects of the pandemic are still being felt by some clubs more than others. According to the…

Brandon Williams

Seven Out Of Ten Biggest Spenders In African Football Come From North

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  May 31 2022

It’s not news that North African clubs dominate African club football. The dominance of North African clubs is also reflected in the transfer outlay in continental football. According to the…


Italy To England Biggest Transfer Stream In Football At 258m

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  May 5 2022

The 2021-22 football season is in its closing stages, and soon, the football media will turn its focus toward the upcoming transfer window. For the last couple of seasons, the…


Brazil Biggest Exporter In Football With 1287 Footballers Playing In Foreign Leagues

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Mar 17 2022

Brazil is the biggest exporter of talent in the football industry. According to numbers presented here by, 1287 Brazilian players played outside of their country in 2021. The likes…

alice yamamura SmwQvbdqgIs unsplash

Transfers In Women’s Football Increased By 26% In 2021

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Feb 7 2022

Women’s football has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few years. This development has been reflected in the women’s transfer market. According to the numbers showcased by,…

jeffrey f lin oc8m9Cj8dsc unsplash

French players fetched the most transfer fees at 643.6m in 2021

Author image vyomchaudhary  •  Jan 25 2022

France has become the new super power in world football. During the past decade, France has produced arguably the best footballing talent, and the trend continued in 2021. According to…

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