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Premier League: FA plan to cut the number of non-homegrown players



The FA are setting out plans to cut the number of overseas players in the Premier League. The Guardian are reporting discussions have taken place with the government to outline what action to take post-brexit.

Each Premier League squad is currently allowed to name 17 overseas players within their 25-man squad. Under the new rules, that would reduced to 13 non-homegrown players.

A player is classed as homegrown providing they’ve spent 3-years at an English club before the age of 21.

The proposal has been put forward to Premier League clubs by FA chief executive, Martin Glenn. However, top-flight clubs are believed to have initially rejected the plans.

Any failure to agree a deal would lead to players needing to meet the same rules as non-footballers. First a player must apply to the fa for a GBE (Governing Body Endorsement). If successful, a work visa would then need to be applied for in the same way as current non-EU players.

Most cases are treated individually.  Criteria includes a need to be recognised as a top international footballer. Also, a percentage of international matches played in the previous 2-years is required. The amount needed is dependent on the fifa ranking of the players country.

Pro’s and con’s

Clubs would have a few years to consider their options, with plans not taking effect until 2021. The downside is some good talent could miss out on the opportunity of a career in the Premier League.

On the plus side, young English players would in theory get a better chance of breaking through to first-team football. This would also benefit the international set-up.