MLB: Brewers Pull Back On Decision To Extend Beer Sales

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The new rules that have been implemented for the 2023 MLB season has caused drastic changes. They’ve been met with mostly positive reviews, but the difference in the viewing experience is obvious.

Plenty of entities have had to adjust. The players, coaches, and umpires are all doing their best to acclimate, and television broadcasts have been affected by being noticeably shorter. And some teams changed their policies on concession sales, with beer consumption being a hot topic of conversation over the first six weeks of the season.

Brewers Reverse Course On Beer Sale Policy

With games being on average nearly a half hour shorter than last season, there is less time for fans to spend money at the stadium. With concessions being one of the biggest price points for teams during the game day experience, multiple teams shifted their method for which they sold beer.

More than a handful of franchises made the switch. Instead of cutting off beer sales at the end of the 7th inning, teams were extending that until the end of the 8th. The thought is that it would increase the sales, which were bound to take a hit by the now limited consumption time.

But what was obviously overlooked was the human element and the effect on public safety. Fans now had just one inning between the cut-off of beer sales and their drive home. In games where the home team was victorious, it was reasonable to believe that people wouldn’t even make it back to their seats with their beverages before the last out was recorded. For some, it was almost like getting a beer to go.

Other Teams Remain Firm On Their New Ways

There is at least one team that is going back to the old ways. On Monday, the Milwaukee Brewers announced that they’d revert to cutting off sales at the end of the 7th inning. But apparently, it wasn’t the fan safety or behavior that they cited as the reason for the switch. The team said that concession sales drop off drastically in the late innings of games, and that it is not financially viable for the team to keep the vendors open and selling product.

Whatever the reason, it will certainly help with any drinking and driving. Several other MLB teams continue their sale of beer into the late innings, including the Diamondbacks, Astros, and Rangers.

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