Manchester United Update: Smith, Giggs, Ronaldo, Jones

A roundup of the news about Manchester United in the last two days:

Alan Smith

Manchester United want Smith out so he can gain some match experience and prove himself as a striker again. They’ve done this with Tim Howard and considering that Howard’s move to Everton was to drum up interest in the keeper so they could sell him, the recent situation surrounding Smith points to one thing only:

A move out of Manchester United.

On one hand, that means that Rossi will be under more pressure to perform when he gets back in January. On the other hand, if Smith leaves you can almost guarantee that we’ll sign a striker in January, although much of this will depend on league position, champions league status and injuries.

I don’t want Smith to go, but here’s a striker who is at best a squad player, and he’s not even doing well at that. I’m sure that Smith is only being asked to go out on loan so he can regain match fitness, but at the end of the day if he’s not scoring goals he won’t cut it, and Smith was never a top goalscorer.

Smith wants to stay, as his agent says, so this will drag out for a little while longer. Both Cardiff and Leeds are interested and in talks with both Manchester United and the player.

Ronaldo doesn’t dive?

Fergie thinks so, and a few Manchester United fans think so as well.

I have my doubts – he’s obviously cut that part out of his game a lot, but for me that’s more in response to the reception he’s received from the English crowds since he’s come back from the World Cup.

However, if he really has cut it out, then good for Manchester United and good for Ronaldo as well.

Giggs Injured

Now here’s a pickle – Giggs took a knock to his ankle last night in an international, so he’s a doubt for the weekend game. We’ve also got Celtic and Chelsea next week, and because of that I doubt that Giggs and Neville (who’s also injured) will play at all on the weekend. Wes Brown and Darren Fletcher to the rescue. Oh well, it could be worse, but not by much.

David Jones out of Manchester United?

I hate this piece of news, but if its true, then one of the most promising stars in Manchester United’s lineup could be out of the club.

BBC’s carrying it, so it’s a bit more ‘reliable’ than the drivel The Sun puts out, but really, we WILL need backup in the midfield and while we’re beefing up in January, Jones is better than O’Shea in midfield.

Aw hell, pisses me off because we haven’t seen him play too much but he’s done really well whenever he’s played.

I’m off, enjoy the England game today (Rooney, Carrick, Brown, Richardson and Foster in the squad, although only the first two will start).

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