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Moyes’ mediocrity rises like a froth as he casts doubts on United’ European campaign




David Moyes is proving so far in his short tenure at Manchester United, why the juries were not convinced with him, when he was appointed in the first place.

David Moyes

It is not just about winning and losing. These are all part of the game. For a new manager it is obvious. But, the way he carries himself, leaves a worrying sign for the supporters and possibly the board members too.

One cannot help but really have doubts whether Moyes at all has that ability to handle the pressure at a big club. Losing games is one thing, for that matter, United under Ferguson have had seen several bad patches in the past and yet won title from seemingly impossible positions, but this constant stooping to mediocrity is something different.

It is hard to imagine a Manchester United manager admitting that his team could fail to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League! Not matter how ugly truth it is that the competition is getting fierce each and every passing season, but casting doubts on his own team is something unusual.

“It’s been hard for Manchester United as well and progress is not something that is guaranteed,” he said.

These are the things we expect from a mid-table manager who always casts doubts while facing any big occasions. Imagine Sir Alex Ferguson saying such things in press. This is the same team that won the Premier League at a canter last season and probably could have beaten Real Madrid as well in UCL, had Nani not been sent off wrongly at Old Trafford.

Pointing out to his squad, saying in public that his star-studded squad needs few world-class players, he is indirectly hinting that Ferguson has not left him a proper squad to fight with in the European competitions.

Well, Moyes may turn out to be one of the best managers in football history in few years’ time, should he stay at United, win laurels, emulate Ferguson and what not, but early indications are not encouraging at all.