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Liverpool need more than just goalscorers to succeed



Liverpool stormed their way into the title race last season as Suarez and Sturridge helped Brendan Rodgers’ side chalk up more than a 100 goals. The free scoring Reds haven’t quite been themselves since the departure of Luis Suarez and the injury to Daniel Sturridge this season.

While it is fair to assume that Liverpool’s poor start to the season has been down to the lack of a clinical presence upfront, there are several other issues Rodgers will need to address, should Liverpool want to get back among the best.

Liverpool faltering in the last few weeks of the title race last season, their Champions league campaign this season and the Tuesday night semi final against Chelsea; all three events brought out a significant weakness in Brendan Rodgers’ side that most people have comfortably overlooked.

Liverpool are not just a side that is lacking in goals or defensive organisation. What they need before everything else is a few experienced heads in the dressing room. Liverpool have an extremely talented young core, the potential of which is limitless. However their lack of experience has cost them dearly in the last 18 months. With Steven Gerrard departing in May, things are only going to get worse for the Reds.

FSG’s philosophy of recruiting the best young talents around is commendable and the signings of Can, Moreno, Markovic etc are all fantastic moves for Liverpool, but it is high time for the manager and the owners to realise that all of these young players need guidance on and off the pitch. In order for them to fulfill their potential, Liverpool will need to bring in quality individuals who will not only improve the side footballing wise, but plug the gaps left by the likes of Carragher, Reina and Gerrard.

As harsh as it might sound, Jordan Henderson is not ready to captain the side and fill the void of Steven Gerrard. Not yet. The Liverpool vice captain has matured into a fine young player and his new found voice has turned him into a key figure for the Liverpool dressing room.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, former Liverpool player Zenden also believes that Brendan Rodgers’ side is in desperate need of experience if they are to win a trophy anytime soon.

“The way Liverpool have been playing lately has been fantastic,” said Zenden.

“Obviously the fans are far more happy now than they were at the beginning of the season, but Liverpool and the fans are always looking for the team not just to win games but to get themselves to a final and win a trophy.

“If there is a (trophy) drought it could start working against Brendan Rodgers.

“If you look at his team, there is a lot of youngsters, a lot of prospects. His average team the other day was 24, I believe.

“It is a young team and when you look at the other teams they have a lot of experience in there. It is a different ball game if you have that (experience) in your team.”

There has been plenty of talk about Henderson growing into the role like Gerrard did, but it is important to remember the dressing room Gerrard had. The likes of Carragher, Hyppia were crucial figures at the club back then and it is imperative that Liverpool bring in a couple of experienced leaders this summer and allow the likes of Sakho and Henderson to develop without too much pressure, and maybe in near future they will be ready for the arm band.