Lionel Messi Barcelona – CUB22

This is one of the best Lionel Messi wallpapers i’ve seen in a long time, especially of him in the Barcelona shirt. It looks fantastic, and the designer, CUB22, can be proud with this design.

First of all, the fire coming out of the football shirt is a great example of how blending should be executed. Maybe the bit above the head is a bit overkill, but the fire coming from his adizero boots and from the Barca shirt looks great.

The subtle text in the background looks great as well, with the outline of the MESSI text showing up, but being blended as well to the sites. It’s subtle, but it looks great and it’s not intrusive.

A great look overall, it’s just a shame about the resolution: 1280×800. Not many people will be using that, but for those of you which can use it, count yourselves lucky.

To download and view in higher res, click the image below:

What do you think about it? Comments are always appreciated!

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