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Leicester City fans trigger earthquake after late goal celebrations



A group of geology students revealed that Leicester City’s late celebrations against Norwich cause a minor earthquake in the city last month.

Leonardo Ulloa scored an 89th-minute winner against Norwich in February and the jubilant Leicester fans at the King Power stadium sent seismic waves throughout the city.

“A few days after we installed the equipment at the school and were analysing data collected, we noticed large peaks on the seismogram during football matches being held in the stadium nearby,” said first-year student Richard Hoyle.

“A closer look showed us there was a strong correlation between the exact time Leicester scored at home and the occurrence of the large seismic signals.”

“We concluded that our equipment was actually measuring small earthquakes produced by the sudden energy release by the cheering Leicester fans celebrating at the moment a goal was scored.”

Ulloa converted Albrighton’s cross at the far post and helped maintain Leicester’s chase for the Premier League title.

The Leicester City fans jumping up and down after the late goal triggered an earthquake with a magnitude of 0.3 on the Richter scale.

The Foxes are currently sitting at the top of the English Premier League and are five points clear of second-placed Tottenham, with just nine matches left.

The likes of Vardy and Mahrez have been crucial to Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester revolution and if the Foxes manage to win the title this season, it will go down as one of the most remarkable achievements in the history of English football.