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Jurgen Klopp unmoved by title favorites talk after Manchester City thrashing



Liverpool went eight points clear at the top of the table and nine points clear of Manchester City by ousting the defending champions 3-1 to continue their majestic run at Anfield.

In what was a game filled with controversy and one in which Pep Guardiola lost his cool after having too many decisions go against his side’s favour, the Reds retained their lethality to take a huge step closer to their inaugural Premier League title.

While his side looks clear favourites to lift the trophy in May, Jurgen Klopp is still unconvinced to start taking that as a reality. After the game, he expressed his bewilderment at how much far ahead they are from City, but kept grounded in confirming there’s still a long way to go.

He said, “Today we were completely focused on this game and not the situation in the table and how many points we are ahead of City. That’s crazy. Nine points ahead of City – you cannot imagine that something like this would happen.”

“But it’s not important because who wants to be first in November? You want to be first in May. It’s only November.”, the German also added.

Klopp also reaffirmed that the most difficult times are yet to come for Liverpool, but also explained how his side isn’t under added pressure to go all the way.

He stated, “The pressure is not there yet. It will come, but at the moment it’s just opportunity and go for it and do the work, throw in all you have and let’s see what happens.”

“We don’t feel any pressure, to be 100 per cent honest. Nine points is a positive but there’s a long way to go.”, the Liverpool boss further added.

The German also exclaimed how his side isn’t bothered by everyone stating it’s now their title to lose and are keeping a relaxed demeanour through this period.

Klopp explained, “People will 100 per cent say, and have said already, that from now on Liverpool can only lose it. That’s a very negative approach but we don’t care, I can promise you that we don’t care.”

The controversy rose up early on when it seemed like Bernardo Silva’s pass hit Trent Alexander-Arnold’s hand inside the box, but no penalty was given and Fabinho went onto open the scoring afterwards.

The German remained tight-lipped talking about the situation and said, “I haven’t seen the penalty incident in the first half before Fabinho scored so I can’t say anything about, but I’ve heard it was first handball by Bernando Silva, I don’t know.”

There is enough reason for Klopp remaining so pragmatic despite everything going his side’s way, as Liverpool have a torturous December ahead and will play twice in two days with their Carabao Cup and FIFA Club World Cup obligations.

But with a comfortable eight-point lead and having already played every top-six side, the Reds find themselves in a very comfortable position in the title race.