If Arsenal are kidnappers, does that make Barcelona rapists and murderers?

The mayor of Cesc Fabregas’ hometown, eager to cash in on the impending transfer of the Arsenal player (ARSENAL player) to Barcelona, had this choice soundbite to offer:

Estanislau Fors i Garcia, the mayor of Catalan town Arenys de Mar where Fabregas grew up:

“We want him to come right away, he is experiencing a kidnapping.

If the English are so honourable they should behave properly. He [Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger] has to stop clowning around because it’s disorienting for all of us.”

If we are to suspend reality for a while and consider this to be true, that Wenger is now ‘keeping’ Fabregas at Arsenal against his ‘will’, and in effect, Arsenal have kidnapped Fabregas and are demanding a ransom, it would be good to consider the following:

  • Fabregas left Barcelona because they didn’t offer him the sort of regular playing opportunities available at Arsenal. Arguably, if he had stayed at Barcelona, he would be 1/10th of the player he is now.
  • Fabregas is the one signing long-term contracts at ARSENAL. If he wanted such a fast exit, would he have signed 6 / 7 / 8 year contracts?
  • Fabregas has (reportedly) a loyalty bonus in his contract which he would forego if he was to put in a transfer request. Money talks. If Fabregas is as desperate to go as he seems to be, why not put in a formal transfer request and force the issue? Respect for Wenger? Love for Arsenal? Or Money?
  • In any case it’s not as simple as ‘being held against his will’ if he stops short of doing the things he can do to push through a move.

    When you hear the likes of Kenny Dalglish refuse to answer reporter questions on footballers rumoured to sign for Liverpool because he doesn’t want to disrespect other football clubs by talking about their players, it’s worth wondering when Barcelona’s players would realise that their public harassment of Arsenal FC (all the time while Barcelona refuse to pay Arsenal’s asking price, and a fair fee for Fabregas) is greatly disrespectful? Probably never.

    If Arsenal are kidnappers, Barcelona are:

  • Rapists – for disrobing, teasing, manhandling, eviscerating and eventually beating their opponents to a bloody pulp – on the pitch.
  • Hypocries – for talking about respect and player rights when they refuse to pay his transfer fees and publicly court the player, ignoring and disrespecting the rights of Arsenal.
  • Murderers – for their utter and complete domination of European football in the last 6 years.
  • Liars – for complaining about opposition tactics while their own players dive and con the referee.
  • Take your pick.

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