Glory Glory Man United, but for how long?


Since Manchester United recently released a record loss of 83.6 million and an increased turnover, fresh cries for the Glazers to leave have been reinstated and we can expect to see a lot more of the famous Newton Heath style scarves being brandished around Old Trafford.

Man United fans have made no big secret of their loathing for the Glazer family who they accuse of having no passion for the club, and only real interest being only to squeeze every penny they can out of the illustrious club.

Whether these claims are accurate or not, only the infamous family know, but with the owners in 1.1 billion pounds of debt, surely this doesn’t bode well for a club of Manchester United’s magnitude and decorated history.

Many fans have exclaimed their fears that the club will no longer be able to spend the amount of money on transfers they are used to, nor will they be able to attract the very best personnel that they have become accustomed to over the years. And these fears may be justified with the debt the club are trapped in only seems to be increasing and as of yet, no silver lining on an extremely dark cloud.

So what can United fans come to expect from the seasons ahead? Less trophies? A worse calibre of player? I think not. Since Sir Alex Ferguson arrived at the club in 1986, he has built his success on nurturing and identifying the very top young talent and successfully bringing them through to perform at the highest level and to the best of their ability.

Glory Glory Man United, but for how long?

Take the obvious in Cristiano Ronaldo for example, Fergie needed no great amount of money to purchase the Portugese winger who after 3-4 years playing at Old Trafford, was labeled the greatest player in the world. Costing just 12 million, this is evidently an amazing bit of business considering Man Utd went on to making a 68 million profit on the star.

Another all time great in Eric Cantona was bought for just 1.2 million and went on to being one of the greatest strikers of his time.  Peter Schmeichel, often labelled as the greatest keeper in history was lured away from Brondby for a small sum of 550,00 pounds. And of course Giggs, Scholes and Beckham who will all go down as some of the best players to ever wear the United shirt, all came through Man United’s impressive youth set up.

Glory Glory Man United, but for how long?

I recognize Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand were both bought for vast amounts of money, 24.5 and 30 million respectively, but I feel as long as Alex Ferguson is the manager of the Red Devils, he has proven that unlike other managers, he is more than capable of working from a small budget and succeeding in providing the United faithful with an impressive amount of trophies every year.

The current crop of players include the likes of Javier Hernandez who entirely proves my point, a young cheap striker who has recently taken all the headlines and is expected to develop into a world class act in the future.

I don’t advocate the Glazer family’s actions since they took over the club, and do think they have plagued the club with their business focussed minds since day one of taking over the biggest club in the world, the point I’m merely making is in response to many fears that United will no longer be able to lure star players to Old Trafford, I feel this won’t be a problem until Ferguson retires.

I agree with the majority on the whole, for the long term future of Man United, change is needed and will need to mirror the actions of their bitter rivals Liverpool, and bring in an owner who loves the club and isn’t interested in the profit of football, only the love of the game.

Glory Glory Man United, but for how long?

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