Frank Lampard reacts to Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa’s presentation


Derby County boss Frank Lampard has given his thoughts on Marco Bielsa’s hour-long presentation by stating that it was a nice eye opener for the fans.

The former Chelsea midfielder has laid into Bielsa for giving an impression which top other managers like Mauricio Pochettino, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola don’t do in public.

The Argentine dropped a bombshell yesterday when he admitted that he spied on every team his side has played with this season. In an unplanned press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, he gave a thorough detailing about how he approaches the game, with the underlying message being he doesn’t need to watch an opponent train to know how an opponent plays.

Bielsa admitted that he sent a member of his staff to spy Lampard’s team train the day before their clash against Derby, a game Leeds won 2-0.

Lampard wasn’t happy with the Argentine’s action, and he described it as ‘unethical’. When he was asked to comment about Bielsa’s presentation and that he knew a lot about Derby, he said:

“He gave an impression,” Lampard told Sky Sports. “I haven’t seen Pep Guardiola give that impression, Jurgen Klopp give that, Mauricio Pochettino give that. They do it behind closed doors definitely, but they don’t do it to the public.

“Yeah [everyone does research] it’s really simple. It’s probably a nice eye-opener for the fan to see it because most of this stuff happens behind closed doors.

“But they are done everywhere, there’s no amazement from anyone who works in football.”

Leeds are currently sitting top of the Championship table, four points ahead of Sheffield United and Norwich City.

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