Football Ringtones: Having a Football Stadium on your Mobile

Ringtones are standard features on any mobile phone nowadays. They can be set to any jingle, melody or song. Some mobile phones allow users to assign different ringtones to their contacts. This feature allows them to recognise who is calling without even looking at the phone. Football ringtones are some of the most frequently used by mobile-phone users due to their fantastic tunes.

Mobile-phone users can access various Web sites that allow them to download football ringtones. You can search your Internet service provider to look for your desired ringtone. However, if you can’t find it or want to try other services, you can search on any search engine, such as Google or Yahoo! using “free” and “ringtones” as keywords.

You might be blasted with thousands of results once you hit the enter key with those keywords. It is necessary for you to know which of these sites really offer free downloads because some might require you to sign up for products or services before sending you the ringtones. There are lots of Web sites that offer free ringtones for download. One of the most visited Web sites that offer a wide array of free ringtone selection in MIDI, WAV, and MP3 file formats is

However, due to copyrights and royalties, there are services from other Web sites that have charges before allowing you to download or use their ringtones. There are also Web sites that can send ringtones to your mobile phone but that will cost you additional money for the ringtone and the amount of transferred data.

Free Football Ringtones

The alternative way to get free ringtones is to go to Web sites that allow users to create their own ringtones either from an online song library or songs from their own computers. Getting free ringtones for your phone in this way is very easy. Just connect your phone to the computer by using a universal serial bus (USB) cable or Bluetooth.

Create-Ringtone is free software that is purposely designed to easily make and send personalised free ringtones to your phone. With this software, you can create the coolest ringtone from any OGG, WMA, WAV, and MP3 files. To use this, open your favourite song and select the part you want to make as your ringtone. Then, transfer it to your phone.

This software can work with any audio files to make themed ringtones, such as football ringtones, music ringtones, unusual sound ringtones, birthday ringtones, holiday ringtones, joke ringtones, spoken-voice ringtones, cool ringtones, and funny ringtones. You can also make ringtones out of any recorded files, such as friends and family video/audio files, musical performances, noises, and your own voice.

Try to look for your favourite MP3 ringtones in MobileFun. This site also offers a wide selection of soccer ringtones. You can easily find ringtones in alphabetical order or show only the most popular and latest ringtones. Before downloading, you should ensure the compatibility of the ringtone to your handset. To order, just click your selected ringtone and key in your mobile number and location. Each download will cost you £4.50. Since this site doesn’t offer subscription service, only your ordered ringtone will be charged to you.

Another site where you can get football and other sports ringtones is Ringtones2go. However, this site requires you to purchase their ringtones and download them to your phone. It offers a list of ringtones that are alphabetically arranged. You can also use the search facility to quickly find ringtones. Since Ringtones2go also does not offer subscription service, you’ll only be charged for your ordered ringtone.

Ringtones for Football Chants

Fanchants is a Web site where you can find and hear the coolest and sometimes funniest football chants, which you can use as your ringtone. The site offers a wide variety of songs and chants that are sorted in various categories, such as Championship Chants, Premier League (EPL) Songs, International Chants, Scottish Premier Chants, and many more. Moreover, you can submit your chants and songs to support your all-time favourite team. Just fill up some dropdown lists and text boxes; then, upload your audio file.

Chants are made by football fans to cheer for their clubs and favourite players. These chants may be in the form of anthems or songs, while others are hilarious cheers. Here are some chants from different teams used in championship games from Fanchants:

The Ebanks Blake Chant was sung by the mighty Wolves fans when Ebanks Blake scored or got the ball. It has a six-pie rating on the site.

The fans of Marcus Tudgay, a marksman from Sheffield Wednesday, have a chant for him. His fans continuously yell “Ole” followed by “Tudgay” when he has the ball.

A simple and classic chant was made for George Burley. You’ll consistently hear the Southampton fans chant when his team is on the way to grab the ball. George Burley has been the manager of the national team of Scotland since 24 January 2008. He’ll be the team’s manager until 2012.

When you hear the crowd chant “Geary,” you know that this Irish defender from Sheffield United is on the move to get the ball.

The fans of Roger Johnson, an English football defender, made a chant for him. When he plays on the field for Cardiff City, his fans scream at the top of their lungs and sing the chant afterwards.

Jobi McAnuff, the Jamaican midfielder, also has his own chant. He plays for Watford F.C. and fans can’t stop chanting when he has the ball.

The Billy Davies Black And White Army Chant is sung by all Derby County fans when the players aggressively take over the ball for the win.

The Marvin Elliott Chant can be heard when the top midfielder, Marvin Elliott, strategically moves towards the ball. The chant can be heard at its best when on the field because the recording on the Web site isn’t that good.

When the players of Coventry City march their way to the field, you’ll hear the fans sing the Dowie’s Sky Blue Army Chant.

When the team moves towards the field, the fans of Charlton Athletic all sing Alan Pardew’s Red Army Chant. You’ll be able to hear this chant louder when the players are on their way to score a point.

You can use these football chants as the ringtones on your mobile phone. In doing so, you can feel that you have a football stadium right on your phone.

Premier League Football Ringtones

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