Football Price index: Bundesliga leading the way, Premier League fourth


Initially an extremely popular sport in England, Football has captivated millions of hearts across the globe, in different nations.

With more and more leagues gaining recognition by the day, astronomical sums of money are being invested by fans, into supporting their teams and favorite players.

After the recent growth of MLS, a Berlin based travel search website GoEuro has conducted a thorough research on the Football Price index of all major leagues across Europe and beyond.

The intention behind the research is to document the league that offers the best value for money, as far as the fans are concerned.

This has been done by taking into account, the costs of attending a game (ticket, travel, accommodation), in 25 countries and comparing them with the FIFA and UEFA rankings of the leagues/teams.

There is always a debate about which nation boasts the best team/league, but it is also important to look at the monetary value these leagues offer.

Although fans are likely to fork out huge sums of money regardless of how ridiculous the prices are, it is important to find out if they are really getting the most out of their investment.

Having collated data from several sources and third party databases, GoEuro have found Bundesliga to be the league that offers best value for money.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro said: “It costs almost the same to travel to Germany to see a Bundesliga match as it does to stay in the UK and attend a Premier League game. Each week more than 2,000 British fans travel to see Borussia Dortmund play, in addition to the 1,500 Brits travelling to St. Pauli games in Hamburg and the 1,000 Brits going to Union Berlin games on a weekly basis. These numbers might lead you to question whether home fans in the UK are really getting a fair deal for their money.”

Cheap season tickets and reluctance to sell general tickets through third parties have resulted in fair and reasonable ticket prices across Germany. Most top clubs in Germany offer a season ticket for the price of a single game in England.

Check out GoEuro’s infographic, which ranks Leagues by comparing their ticket prices along with their FIFA/UEFA rankings.

Football Price Index - UK

Furthermore, according to the league rankings and ticket prices, Portugal offers a lot more value than England as well.

Despite that, England is far from the nation that offers worst value for money. The English Premier League is ranked fourth in value for fans.

The English premier League is however the most expensive league football in the entire world. The average ticket price in England is 53.76 pounds, whereas the prices in Spain and Germany are 50.83 pounds and 23.02 pounds respectively.

With Spain and Germany leading the way in terms of value for fans, USA are ranked the lowest in terms of what it offers to the fans in exchange for the vast sums of money spent.

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