Official Football Players’ Websites

A list of official websites for the most popular internet-savvy footballers, neatly arranged in alphabetical order.

Please do not use this as an excuse to stalk your favourite stars or send hate mate to those in the opposition team.

Alright then, official footballer websites, knock yourself out. Please note that any names with a question mark next to them are not confirmed as official websites. If you can help us improve this list (official sites only) then please add the name and link in the comments section.

Afonso Alves

A Brazilian who seems to have the proclivity for colder climates; spent a few seasons at Sweden, then moved on to Heerenveen and has finally settled in Middlesborough.
Website has a number of private pictures and good few wallpapers as well.

Aaron Lennon
MySpace Profile
Tottenham Hotspur

The shortest player in the Premier League has a bit of a wonky MySpace page and likes Justin Timberlake.

Alessandro del Piero (?)

Considered one of the greatest players of all time, Del Piero also has musical ambitions (so much so in fact he made a few records himself) and is pals with the Gallagher brothers. Website is in Italian and English.

Artur Boruc
Celtic and Poland

Boruc graced the covers recently when he was supposed to be recuperating from a injury but was snapped with a drink, a cigar and a number of wannabe WAGs on his lap (not necessarily in that order). Website is available in English and Polish.

Boudewijn Zenden

A player with long career, Boudewijn (or Bolo) has a rather swishy website. Bolo has a black belt in judo, loves beach holidays and his favorite car is (predictably) Bugatti Veryon. Oh and favorite artist — Robbie Williams.

Bastian Schweinsteiger
Bayern Munich and Germany

While Schweinsteiger’s website might be in German (and I’m rusty in German) there is a little game you can play where you can dress up Bastian in different outfits (sort of like a pick and mix). And you can even send the image as an e-card. Why would anyone over the age of 7 want to do that is beyond me. Maybe Sarah has a hand behind this…

Christopher Metzelder
Real Madrid and Germany

Another player with a swishy website (again only in German) it does offer some photos of Christopher as a wee nipper. And you can also order your very own Metze calendar for 2009.

Christian Ziege

Ziege might be retired, but for any of you autograph hunters – you can download them from his website. There is a selection of footy games under the fun section. The website is available in German and English.

Dario Simic
AS Monaco

Croatia’s most capped player, Dario Simic’s website is titled Best defense. His website is available in English, Italian and Croatian and has some swishy graphics. And a few pictures of him with his wife in the gallery section (in case anyone is interested).

Djibril Cisse
Sunderland, France

One of the most colorful players (quite literally if you go by his hair styles alone) football has ever seen, Cisse’s website is in French and a good few sections are still under construction. But in gallery section you can find a number of topless snaps of Cisse. Hmm.

Didier Drogba

Drogba is an UNDP Goodwill ambassador against cluster bombs. You can read all about it in his diary. There are a number of photos from different kind of award ceremonies but in My picks section you can find Drogba’s pick of the month — covering such stuff as movies, Wii games and even restaurants.

David Beckham
LA Galaxy, on loan to Milan

Ah the brand Beckham. Sure you can pop over to Beckham’s website to read latest ruminations on his blog, but the lifestyle section is devoted to his hairstyles, tattoos and fashion.So if anyone is interested in how to look like a metrosexual you’ll know where to look.

Daniel Van Buyten
Bayern Munich

Did you know Daniel Van Buyten’s dad was a pro wrestler? Unfortunately his website is in Dutch and German but he does talk about his passions (chocolate among other things).

Davor Suker

Suker’s official website is in fact a website for his soccer academy which has training camps in Zagreb and a few other towns in Croatia. In multimedia you can find a number of compilations of his career highlights as well as a shop for S9 collection — the official sports gear for his academy.

Diego Maradona

One of the most gifted (and most notorious and controversial) footballers of all time Maradona actually has a website (developed by his wife). There are plenty of downloads such as videos and pictures, as well as a few words of thanks. The website is in Castellano and English.

Emiliano Moretti

Since my Spanish is beyond rusty and since my Italian was never much to begin with from what I could gather from Moretti’s website his astrological sign is Gemini, he works for UNICEF, his favorite actors are Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie, while Training Day is his favorite movie. Website is available in Italian and Spanish.

Fabio Cannavaro
Real Madrid, Italy

Cannavaro has one of the swishest websites of the lot (although it does take forever to load). And the music is very ‘Rocky’ and accompanied with a plenty of images of Cannavaro looking very dashing. The website is available in Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese and Chinese. That is one progressive footballer.

Gabriel Batistuta

An extensive website that even offers the nifty option of Bati-chat. Batistuta’s website is available in English and Italian.

Jermaine Jones

Jermaine Jones’ website is another one of the snazzy variety with a number of options such as wallpapers and autograph downloads. Even though the website is only available in German I have gathered Jones’ favorite drink is an apple spritzer. Oh and the accompanying music is straight out of a bad horror movie.

Lucas Neill
West Ham, Australia

Lucas Neill’s website is still under construction.

Luca Toni
Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is 10th club of date that Luca Toni has played for. His website is mainly in Italian however you can leave him a message in the guestbook. Or send him an e-mail and he will talk to you. I didn’t made that up – it says so on his website. Another snazzy website with somewhat irritating music.

Lukas Podolski
Bayern Munich, Germany

Another website that takes forever to load but it must be because of the wallpaper puzzle you can play — yes it is a puzzle with Podolski’s image. Website is available in German and Polish.

Michael Ballack
Chelsea, Germany

The notoriously ahem out-spoken Michael Ballack has a very comprehensive website — there is all the latest Chelsea news, as well as stuff about Ballack’s charity work. There are e-cards you can send to your friends (or yourself) and Ballack’s dream team. Hm maybe he has managerial aspirations?

Miroslav Klose
Bayern Munich, Germany

Miroslav Klose has a rather simple website (but at least there is no low budget horror music). There are autograph cards and desktop themes, but that is about it. Website is only available in German.

Michael Rensing (?)
Facebook Profile
Bayern Munich

Unfortunately Rensing does not have an official website and lets hope this is his actual Facebook profile. What I mean is lets hope it is an effort of his agent, rather then someone pretending to be the Bayern Munich goalkeeper. He has 346 fans. Not bad, but for Facebook not great either.

Michael Owen

While the jury still might be out on whether or not Owen will stay in Newcastle beyond this season – Michael Owen (or his agent) knows the value of creating a personal brand. On the website you can find the “Spot the Ball” competition but unfortunately it was only valid for season 2006/2007. Look for yourself what kind of a ball you were supposed to spot.

Mark Viduka
Newcastle United

Viduka’s website is ” Coming soon”. Lets hope he will recuperate from his injuries sooner.

Mladen Petric
Hamburg, Croatia

Petric’s website is very fan-friendly — there is the chat option, guestbook even tipping corner. And you can even shop for some Mladen Petric themed T-shirts at €9.90 each. Website is available in German only.

Nicolas Anelka

Anelka, who recently shared his funny side with the world (who can forget that kangaroo joke) and discovered he has acting ambitions has a snazzy website that is only available in French. In case you have missed the huge banner – Anelka’s sponsor is Puma.

Nemanja Vidic
Manchester United

Nemanja Vidic’s website does not have graphics that will make your eyes water and induce brain seizures, but it is available in English (albeit slightly broken) and Serbian.

Owen Hargreaves
Manchester United, England

Owen Hargreaves is currently in rehab after his first knee surgery and is awaiting the next operation in January. He has taken the time to thank the fans for the support during this difficult period. Just ignore the fact he likes Boyz II Men. Website is available in English and German.

Philipp Lahm
Bayern Munich and Germany

No fuss website with all the stats about Philipp, a list of the charities he supports and fan zone with extensive gallery of photos. Another website only available in German.

Petr Cech
Chelsea, Czech Republic

Cech might posses a good number of records for not letting the ball in and he might posses the strangest head gear since the Silence of the Lambs (although it is to be expected since the man suffered a fractured skull and lets face it you can never be too careful) but he also has an interesting website. Which unfortunately is all in Czech.

Rio Ferdinand
Manchester United, England

The best defender in England is one versatile fellow. He has his own record company and one of his latest endeavors include financing a movie with 50 Cent. On his MySpace page you can check out assorted clips from his TV show Windups where he pulls pranks on various members of England’s national team.

Ryan Giggs Profile
Manchester United

Gigsy is as old school as they get so it does not come as a surprise he does not have an official website apart from his player profile on Manchester United page.
On the other hand this is the man who had lucrative endorsements back in the day and paved the way for the likes of Beckham, Rooney and Ronaldo.

Manchester City, Brazil

While he was once overseen by Pele when he was a wee nipper, Robinho is currently doing quite well on his own. And in the personal fact file he states (quite surprisingly for a football player) that he does not care what kind of car he drives as long as it gets him where he wants to go. It seems his choice is Lamborghini Gallardo if recent reports are anything to go by.

SC Corinthians Paulista

Ronaldo might have been known as the Phenomenon and he was also known for gorgeous women he slept with but after his knee injury he has been in the media for putting on the pounds and sleeping with transvestites. Lets hope that the contract with Corinthians will bring back the Phenomenon because world has not seen him for a while.

Ronaldinho Gaucho
AC Milan, Brazil

Ronaldinho (in Portugese it means little Ronaldo) is one player who has proved it is possible to make a come-back after an injury, excessive partying and putting on some excess weight (not necessarily in that order). There is not much on his website apart from the “coming soon” sign though.

Rafael Van der Vaart
Real Madrid, Netherlands

Rafael Van der Vaart is without a doubt a very talented football player but that news pales in comparison when you learn he has one of the hottest wives out of all the WAGs in the world. Rumor has it he even got sent off during a game so he can be home in time for her birthday party. Unfortunately on his website you will not find any pictures of the delightful (and drop dead gorgeous) Sylvie.

Roque Santa Cruz
(Blackburn Rovers)
Roque Santa Cruz has dashing good looks so it does not come as a surprise he was voted the sexiest footballer a number of times over the years. Men will find it of interest he is featured on the cover of German version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6. His website is a strange mixture of German, English and Spanish (meaning it looks like webmaster is a bit drunk and cannot decide on the language).

Ryan Babel
Liverpool, Netherlands

A player for Liverpool and a rapper — what a combination. Unfortunately the website is completely in Dutch but from what I gathered – Babel’s favorite TV show is Fresh Prince from Bel Air. He seems to be a perfect combination for the serial WAG Danielle Lloyd so it does not come as a surprise that a recent rumor linked the two together.

Steven Gerrard
Liverpool, England

Gerrard is a rare breed in this day and age as he has spent all of his career at Anfield. And he did state recently he plans to stay at Liverpool until he retires. However that’s no excuse for not having an official website.

Sergio Ramos Facebook (?)
Facebook Profile
Real Madrid, Spain

Sergio Ramos does not have an official website which does come as a bit of a surprise. It is unclear whether or not the Facebook page is the work of his PR team or a spoof of some over-eager fan, but he does have more then 70,000 fans on Facebook. Maybe it is time to invest in some web hosting?

Stephen Ireland
Manchester City

Stephen Ireland is a footballer who invented the story one of his grandmothers died so he can go home and be with his girlfriend when she suffered a miscarriage. The Granny-gate was just the tip of the iceberg that cost him his place in the Ireland’s national team. If the recent news on his website are anything to go by he seems to have gotten his life back on track.

Steve Bull

A former player for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Steve Bull is now available for new managerial duties after his stint with the Stafford Rangers ended.

Shaun Wright Phillips
Manchester City, England

Adopted son of Ian Wright, Shaun Wright Phillips is making a name for himself with Manchester City. On his website you can read about his charity work — he makes an annual trip to Guatemala and works for charity Education for the Children.

Tobias Weis
Hoffenheim, Germany

Tobias Weis’ website does not have whistles and bangs, but it should prove sufficient reading material for any eager fan with it’s wallpapers, screensavers and autograph cards. Given you will have to know German or be at the mercy of Google Translate tools.

Wayne Rooney
(Manchester United, England’s national team)

Now here is one website that has all the whistles and bangs. To access some areas you will have to be a member of Rooney’s fan club, but there is a lot of pimping going on — Rooney’s books and Rooney latest TV show. Also there is a list of charities Rooney supports.

William Gallas

It seems controversy follows Gallas wherever he goes. Or maybe he is the one that stirs it. A month ago he blew the lid on locker room tensions between the Arsenal players which coincided with the release of his autobiography. He was stripped of the captaincy for his media statements and Cesc Fabregas replaced him.

Zinedine Zidane

We are all aware that Zizou was a great player but I have to admit the image that is still imprinted on my brain is the headbutt of World Cup finale of 2006. But it does sum up Zidane rather nicely — he could play magnificently but you never knew what would set him off. If you want to read up more about Zidane his website is available in French and Spanish.

If you can help us improve this list (official sites only) then please add the name and link in the comments section below.

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