Football News: West Ham, Manchester United, Arsenal, La Liga and Everton

A look at today’s news:

West Ham, Tevez, 40m and more bad luck

West Ham’s horror run of luck continues – they are determined to keep playing Tevez and the Premier League will consider adding an extra penalty if investigations find West Ham guilty. Magnusson’s willing to sue Brown, former chairman and recent retiree from the board, and Joorabchian is convinced that West Ham acted in a legal manner.

Ferguson confirms that Larsson will go home

When your manager says that they brought in a 35-year old and paid him 100,000/week for 10-12 weeks so that a 28-year old striker could be kept fresh for the end of the season, you wonder what drugs he’s on.

But when you have one hand on the Premiership, you can’t really complain, can you? Let’s hope Saha stays fit (along with Ronaldo and Rooney) and that we get some goals out of him in the next 9 games.

Barca not favourites in La Liga anymore

Sevilla are a point clear of Barcelona at the top of La Liga after winning their home league game 2-1. Valencia won their game too to move to 3rd place, while Real Madrid play Getafe today in a bid to catch up with the league pace-setters.

Sevilla – 50
Barcelona – 49
Valencia – 46
Real Madrid – 43

Emerson’s in trouble at Real Madrid

Hated by the supporters and now pulling out of games because he doesn’t feel fit enough to play. It may be a genuine injury but the bottom line with Emerson is that he doesn’t have the players around him to be really useful, nor has he got much left in the tank. The Capello revolution – well, even if you are optimistic, it’s going to take a little more time.

More crowd trouble

Trouble in the stands, police use tear gas – care to guess which league this is?

Ligue 1 – Lyon win again and book their 6th title but the crowd trouble situation in France and it’s heavy-handed treatment is making England look like a great place to be in right now.

Will anyone buy Cahill next season?

He’s out with a broken metatarsal and could miss the start of next season. Will another club come in to bid for him? Spurs could use him, so could Arsenal.

Kevin McCarra ponders Manchester United’s future

At times KM is brilliant, at others (including this one) he’s merely rehashing an old debate and says a whole lot nothing. Yes, United need to replace their ageing stars, and yes, it’s quite remarkable that we’re winning with them. Yes, Vidic was a good signing, so was van der Sar. Yes, like other pundits Evra’s buy and Nistelrooy’s departure look like good moves but in fact are totally unrelated to our good form.

Mentioned here just to show how good journalists can say pointless things sometimes.

Arsenal to freeze ticket prices?

Myles (ANR) says that Arsenal will freeze ticket prices for next season. I haven’t had time to check this one out, but Myles calls it an ‘ANR Exclusive’ so good on him if it actually happens.

Ben Foster on Sky Sports

Manchester United’s and England’s keeper is writing for Sky Sports once a month – nothing spectacular except that I’d like more and more footballers to start blogging / writing.

Manchester United chasing Nani

The Guardian are talking about the Nani-Man Utd link again, as the search for Giggsy’s replacement hots up. I’ll write more on this tomorrow.

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