Football News Roundup – September 28

You probably missed this bunch of news items and articles…

Paolo Bandini takes readers through a trip to the Emirates stadium – it’s a great read especially for someone like me who’s not going to get a chance to go there for quite some time (and why would I want to go to Arsenal’s stadium anyway, unless they were like, you know, being massacared by United?).

Bandini’s personal touch and memories make it an great experience – it was hard to choose a quote, but here’s my whimsical pick:

A Bockwurst is the German name for a hot dog,” my server explains, dissolving into a fit of giggles. I feel mildly cheated as I part with £5 for the snack and a cola, but I am reassured to read in my Gooner fanzine that the new sausages are made with specially imported, testicle-free meat. Until I think about the implications for Highbury’s previous fare.

Read it on the Guardian blog.

Kevin Nolan for England? I’m been championing his cause (for England and for Manchester United) for quite some time now, and with Hargreaves injured both Nolan and Parker will have a shot at making the squad for the Oct 7 and 11 Euro 2008 qualifiers. The Bolton captain isn’t getting carried away though.

Sepp Blatter (FIFA prez) wants an end to penalty shootouts, and to an extent I agree with him. I voiced the same thoughts during the 2006 World Cup, especially after the Argentina/Germany and England/Portugal matches. It would have been much better to let the teams keep on playing until someone scored a bloody goal – after extra time, give them a 5 minute break and then have them keep on golden goal rules.

Better than losing out on penalties.

McClaren’s agent calls English football ‘the most corrupt’ in Europe. Hmmm. All this finger-pointing is getting tiring – why don’t they find the guilty ones, shoot em, and then draft some stricter regulations the next time around?

Manchester United News

Paul Scholes apparently called the ref at the Benfica game a ‘fag’, or maybe he called the player he tackled a ‘cocksucker’ – either way, he’s being labelled homophobic and what not.

Hmmm. Removing taunts from the playground is one thing, but really, do you think Scholes was discriminating against homosexuals or was he just trying to insult the person? Political correctness doesn’t solve the problem, it just makes it acceptable.

It was heart-warming to see Alan Smith turn out for Manchester United against Benfica (albeit for a very short time) but obviously the player is not fit yet and Sir Alex is keen to keep him under wraps till then.

Considering that Heinze’s delayed return has meant that despite his rustiness he’s still in better form than he was at the World Cup, I’m confident that Fergie’s doing the right thing with slowing down Smith’s return.

That’s not the reason he’s not playing Silvestre though 🙂

Rio wants more trophies at United – don’t we all mate?

Champions League Matchday 2 Highlight

Peter Crouch Scissor Kick Liverpool vs Galatasaray

Looking for the video? Here it is.

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