Football Manager – What makes a good winger?

It’s fair to say that Cristiano Ronaldo has taken the meaning of the word ‘winger’ to a whole new level during the last couple of years. The primary role of the man on the flank was once to create chances for the striker and deliver as many accurate crosses as possible. Ronaldo undoubtedly raised the bar with his flurry of goals from a wide position but the fundamentals still remain the same. If you’re looking to identify some of the attributes you need to be aware of when choosing a winger then you’ve come to just the right place!

5 Key Attributes


As much as the role of the conventional winger may have changed over the years, I still like to persist with a winger that has an established crossing attribute. You can be confident that if you have a striker who knows how to find the back of the net, with decent supply from wide positions you can’t go wrong.


Dribbling is evidently key for a winger if you want him to be driving at the opposition full-back whenever possible. A strong dribbling stat will ensure your winger will be apt at travelling with the ball at feet but be sure to combine the dribbling attribute with acceleration, pace, balance and agility if you truly want the best outcome.


If you’re hoping for flashes of individual brilliance then make sure you have a winger with flair in abundance. The problem with a player that adopts the use of flair is that they will often attempt the outrageous and spectacular rather than just playing the simple five-yard pass. That said, the element of unpredictability should help worry and unsettle opposition defenders.


If you want to build a successful team at the highest level then you should really have a squad that is littered with technical ability. As a winger, technique is paramount for those at the peak of their game where technically gifted players are able to pull off that difficult threaded pass or extravagant lob over the goalkeeper.


You won’t want a winger who is creatively a class apart to be looking to cross the ball at any given opportunity as this will clearly not be executing their full potential. Creative wingers will spot that little opening and attempt to make things happen but technical proficiency is a must for their creativity to have the maximum desired effect.

For more detailed information on mental, technical and physical attributes, head over to the ‘FM Player Attributes’ post.

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