Football Manager 2022: Release Date, Beta, Features, Improvements, Wonderkids & More

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The Football Manager series of games continues to be a massive success and that should continue when FM22 is launched later this year.

FM21 continued to push the boundaries of management simulation, with the focus on long-term strategies providing players with an immersive gameplay experience.

Developers Sports Interactive will undoubtedly have plenty of new features up their sleeves, so read on as we take a look at what fans can expect from FM22.

When will FM22 be released?

Sports Interactive have repeatedly launched the newest edition of the game during November, and that is unlikely to change for FM22.

The game was released on November 24 in 2021 and it is anticipated that FM22 will be scheduled around the same time this year.

When will I be able to play FM22?

The Football Manager community play an integral role in the development of the FM series and that will continue for FM22.

SI will once again release a beta version of the game which will be available to play around three or four weeks before it is launched.

This helps SI iron out any bugs in the latest edition and results in a more pleasurable gameplay experience when the final version is released.

Will there be any new features in FM22?

SI always introduce new features to the game and FM22 is unlikely to be different in that respect.

Tweaks to how the backroom staff interact with players and the introduction of new staff roles such as sports psychologist are likely to be on the agenda.

The match engine also needs some work for FM22, particularly with regards to counter-attacks and set-pieces, while club philosophies require relaxing a little.

Many club boards stick rigidly to the stated philosophy, regardless of whether results on the pitch are being delivered with a different style of play.

Team talks also need improving, with players overly sensitive to criticism in FM21.

Will FM22 be an improvement?

While SI don’t always get every element of the FM series right, it is impossible to accuse them of not working hard to create the perfect managerial simulation.

For anyone looking to immerse themselves into the world of football management, there is no better place to do that than in the Football Manager series.

FM22 Wonderkids

Every football manager dreams of spending millions on star players, but unless you are at one of the big clubs it is not always possible.

For most FM players the route to success are Wonderkids – those hidden bargains that can be bought cheaply and turned into superstars.

Pedri (Barcelona), Nico Serrano (Athletic Bilbao) Rayan Cherki (Lyon) and Ilaix Moriba (Barcelona) are amongst the Wonderkids worth watching in FM22.

For long-standing FM players, Youssoufa Moukoko (Borussia Dortmund) will be a throwback to the days when Tonton Zola Moukoko was the star of the game.

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