Football Manager 2020: New Gameplay Features

The release of Football Manager 2020 is just a few weeks away and insomniacs everywhere are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

This year’s edition promises to move managerial simulation onto a whole new level, with the game’s makers promising a plethora of new features.

These focus on rewarding managers who plan for the future, adding even greater depth to the gameplay experience. Read on as we look at some of the new features in FM2020.

Development Centre

Developing your own players remains a hugely important part of football, particularly for clubs who don’t have unlimited amounts of cash to spend in the transfer market.

The all-new Development Centre allows you track the progress of your younger players, making it easier to monitor your future stars.

Your backroom staff will provide regular updates, highlighting the players who are doing well or the ones who still have improvements to make.

With the ability to either take a hands-on approach or delegate the work to trusted staff, the Development Centre is a great place to see who might break into your first team.

Club Vision

FM2020 will feature a revamped boardroom experience, making it more distinctive to each individual club within the game.

The Club Vision feature will allow the board to not only set season expectations, but lay out their aims for future progression.

As opposed to taking a short-term view, this places a great emphasis on managers implementing plans for the next five years and beyond.

Objectives may feature a mix of competition, infrastructure and financial objectives, offering players a more rounded gameplay experience.

Backroom Staff

Assembling a backroom staff you can trust is a vital part of football, and FM2020 replicates this like never before.

Your staff will offer advice on the players you should pick in your matchday squad based on a variety of factors including form, fitness, ability and more.

The staff responsibilities engine has also been overhauled, giving players greater control over the elements they choose to assign.

There are also new staff roles in FM2020, including Technical Director and Head of Player Development, with each making a difference to whether you are a success in the game.

Playing Time Pathway

To further cement the new ethos of long-term planning, FM2020 gives you the opportunity to set individually tailored pathways to the top for all of your players.

This is established during contract negotiations, allowing you to tweak a dozen different elements that tell a player how much first team action they are likely to see.

The feature ensures that there should be no confusion over a player’s status, making it easier to keep your squad happy if expectations are met.

This pathway gives you greater control over your squad and allows you to better implement your long-term vision for the club.

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