Football Manager Touch 2017: Release Date, Features and Buying Info


Football Manager 2017 is set to be launched officially on 04 November 2016, and Football Manager Touch 2017 will be available at the same time.

Sports Interactive have announced that every user will receive a copy of the Football Manager Touch 2017 when they buy the game, whether it is a FM 17 pre-order or just a delayed purchase.

Football Manager Touch is specifically designed to cater to the users who prefer a brief approach to the game.

Instead of getting involved in all the nitty gritty details of managing a football club, Football Manager Touch provides are more streamlined and faster-paced experience.

The idea of Football Manager Touch is to simply focus on the main managerial duties and deliver an ultra-realistic matchday experience through the 3D match engine.

The free copy of Football Manager Touch 2017 will be compatible with PC, Mac or Linux.

For those that are not interested in the more detailed version of the game, the Football Manager Touch 2017 is available to purchase separately as a standalone game.

Furthermore, regardless of whether the pre-purchase or pre-order of Football Manager 2017 is made from a participating digital retailer or a participating boxed retailer, users will receive a range of free downloadable content.

These features include options such as – ‘Board Override’, ‘No Firing’, ‘All Job Applications’, ‘National Management’ and three other challenges to play in the ‘Challenge’ game mode.

To sum it up, Football Manager Touch is supposed to be a shorter and more goal-driven way of approaching the game. It allows users to navigate away from the numerous options, numbers, and duties of the full version of the game.

Football Manager Touch is like playing the game on cruise control and you can take up or turn down control of the various aspects of running a club as per your wishes.

Click here to pre-order Football Manager 2017 and receive a free copy of Football Manager Touch.

If you want to buy Football Manager 2017 Touch on it’s own, click here.

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