Football Manager 2015 Features Video

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The wait is almost over. Football fans and passionate gamers all around the world can enjoy the brand new Football Manager 2015, as the much anticipated game will be releasing in exactly one month time from now.

Like every year, Sega interactive has come up with some cool new features; the new additions are highly absorbing, thrilling, and challenging. 

Football Manager 2015

The first thing the players will notice this year is the completely redesigned user interface. It gives a complete new look, with side bars added where all of the key panels are located. It is much easier and quicker to navigate.

Another interesting feature included this year is the option of what type of manager you want to be – tracksuit type or tactical experts. A tracksuit manager would work more with players on the training ground whereas a tactical manager would work more with players off the pitch.

The Match engine has undergone its biggest face lift this year. The brand new cutting edge motion picture data breaths a new life into the match-day experience, which takes into a new level of realism. The players look less robotic and more human and therefore react more naturally to any given situation.

Player roles have been given an extra emphasis with thousands of flexible tactical formations could be employed this year.

Scouting, player search, and interaction with players are more realistic and reflect how a real-life club operates on these aspects.

The press conference and media briefing are not boring any more, with wider variety of news, lines of questioning, and a greater focus has been laid on media rivalries between the managers.

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