Fergie: Cow-loving Rooney should learn from Ruud’s lack of judgment

Ferguson, while speaking to the press last night about Wayne Rooney:

“Sometimes you look in a field and see a cow. You think it is a better cow than the one you see in your field. It never really works out that way.

Some players like to think the world is better somewhere else. It never really works.”

I know he’s talking about Rooney not finding a better club than Manchester United, but it sure as hell seems like he’s telling Rooney off for cheating on Coleen with Jenny.

To be fair, he also talks about former Manchester United players questioning the club and being proven wrong.

“That’s the trouble with potential. People don’t identify potential – they’re very poor at it – whereas I’ve identified it all my life. Others don’t. I had a player once who said to me Rooney and Ronaldo weren’t good enough and he was not prepared to wait until they were good enough.”

Ruud van Nistelrooy famously left Manchester United in the summer of 2006 having doubted United’s ability to win titles, after which United went ahead and won three league titles in a row (along with a Champions League semifinal and two consecutive Champions League finals).

And plus, Coleen isn’t a cow, is she?

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