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Everton want Fulham’s Bullard? Get in the Top 6 first!



Today we’re hearing that Everton are interested in signing Jimmy Bullard from Fulham.

Fulham will be able to offer Bullard equal (if not more) money than Everton (London beats Liverpool as well) so it comes down to league positions and future as a player, and in that aspect I don’t see Bullard jumping ship to Everton just yet.

If you see the Premier League table, Everton are just above Fulham (12th and 13th) and a far cry from the team that was supposed to challenge for a Champions League spot next season. Everton needed to invest heavily in the playing squad to improve this summer but that didn’t happen, and at the moment it looks like Everton will have to fight for a top 6 berth, let alone a Champions League spot.

If Moyes wants Bullard to leave Fulham and come play for him, he’ll need to prove that Everton can do better than 12th, or even just a top-10 finish. He’ll need to take Everton back into Europe, and that’s going to be much harder this season.

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