Did Kyle Filipowski fall in the 2024 NBA Draft because of strange allegations with his girlfriend?

Kyle Filipowski girlfriend pic
Kyle Filipowski girlfriend pic

On Wednesday night, the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft was held at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. In total, there were 24 prospects in the green room. All but two of them heard their names called on night one. One of those players was Duke’s Kyle Filipowski. The 20-year-old was projected to be a late first-round pick. 

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony was shocked that Filipowski was not taken in the first round. Filipowski is a talented player and Givony thought he was worthy of being a top-30 selection. However, the ESPN insider reported that there were off-the-court issues that may have led to Filipowski falling in the draft. The strangest rumor surrounding Filipowski is his relationship with his girlfriend. It may have led to the big man not being taken in the first round.

The story of Kyle Filipowski and his girlfriend is perplexing

According to reports, Kyle Filipowski has a girlfriend who’s much older than him. Nobody has been able to determine the true age of his girlfriend just yet. She’s somewhere between 25 and 28 years old. His girlfriend has been “grooming” him into Mormon culture and had Filipowski cut off contact with his family. Those allegations are quite strange. However, Filipowski’s mom and brother went on social media to give their side of the story.

His brother claims he has not been able to talk to Kyle in a long time and this story has been pushed under the table for years. The only way he talks to his brother is through Instagram direct messaging. Filipowski’s brother believes this Mormon brainwashing has changed him and that his girlfriend is fully responsible for this happening. With this wild story coming to light, Filipowski slipped in the 2024 NBA Draft. Was this the only reason he was not taken in the first round? Probably not. However, this entire story is quite entertaining.

To make the story more interesting, Filipowski was drafted by the Utah Jazz. Is it a coincidence that he was drafted to a state with one of the largest Mormon populations in the country? The entire story with Kyle Filipowski and his girlfriend seems a bit fishy. Despite that, the Jazz are getting a solid big man in Filipowski. He was a consensus All-American last season at Duke and was arguably the best player on his team. The 20-year-old will look to put this draft-night slide behind him and put together a solid NBA career.

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