Beckham Fever To Fashion In Paris?

The story of David Beckham’s football career has been an extraordinary tale. And yet, even at the not-so-tender age of 36, the world’s most famous footballer appears to have another chapter. Currently, Beckham’s MLS career is dwindling towards its conclusion with his lucrative contract to expire in November. Consequently, demand for the illustrious midfielder has heightened.

Ligue 1 leaders Paris Saint-Germain are one among many clubs eager to acquire David Beckham. After huge financial commitment from the Qatar Investment Authority, PSG’s manifesto prioritises the development of global presence. Summer signings, such as Kevin Gameiro and Javier Pastore, have proven auspicious, but obtaining Beckham’s signature would provide a healthy injection for PSG’s reputation.

David Beckham’s global prominence has certainly favoured his previous employers. For instance, the English midfielder was, most certainly, a large contributor to Manchester United’s popularity rise in the Far East. Even today, ‘Beckham Fever’ remains a highly contagious epidemic. From Madrid to Los Angeles, the symptoms are alike: mass hysteria among the throng of adulating fans.

There are signs already that ‘Beckham Fever’ is rapidly spreading through Paris. French newspaper, Le Parisien, bestowed three pages on Paris Saint-Germain’s potential capture of Beckham. Furthermore, the news has also intrigued the PSG camp with players, such as Sylvain Armand, Salvatore Sirigu and Christophe Jallet, expressing excitement.

David Beckham himself is flattered to be linked to Paris Saint-Germain. In PSG’s favour is Leonardo’s amicable relationship with Beckham. The PSG sporting director has worked previously with the former England captain whilst at AC Milan. Moreover, Leonardo speaks of the ‘PSG Project’ and envisions great future success for the French side. Are the incentives sufficient to persuade Beckham to relocate?

Moving to Paris may come with an exorbitant salary for David Beckham, but the ex-Manchester United winger is adamant about the happiness of his family. Obviously, this serves as a possible sticking point for any team who desire David Beckham’s multi-service, let alone Paris Saint-Germain. In addition, Beckham has made no secret of his desire to return to the Premier League. A sporting director role at his beloved Manchester United has been mooted, whereas Tottenham Hotspur and Queens Park Rangers are said to be interested in adding Beckham to their respective squads.

Reports suggesting that David Beckham is poised to join Paris Saint-Germain are premature. However, the rumours continue to circulate and Beckham hasn’t exactly poured cold water over the idea. Is David Beckham’s fame to shine in the City of Lights?

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