Adidas Predator X

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Adidas has been producing Predators for around 17 years now and Predator X is the tenth installment in the series; hence comes the name X. Adidas describes it as the ‘the most powerful football boot in the world’. After all, Adidas took help from one of the greatest footballers of the recent years Zinedine Zidane to achieve the ability to maximize power, control and swerve.

Zidane said about the Predator X:

“Having worn Predators throughout my career, I’ve always been amazed with the continued product development and what each new version of the boot bought to my game.

With Predator X, I’ve been working with adidas to help lend my football experience to their product knowledge to truly deliver the next step in boot technology.”

Zidane was not the only player involved in the making. They used his insight and know-how to put the football boot through extensive testing via some of the the biggest ambassadors. Steven Gerrard (if playing), Karim Benzema (switching over from adiPURE II) and Michael Ballack will debut the boot this weekend.

The Predator X features special focus on power, control and swerve:

Powerspine has been inspired by the revolutionary fingersave technology that now exists in the goalkeeper gloves. Powerspine reduces the energy loss when a player strikes a ball through a reduction in the ‘kicking flex’ in the forefoot area.

The Predator element, a mix of rubber and silicon, has been placed on the kicking zone on the boot making it lightweight and impactful. The positioning is done in such a way that it maximizes the swerve a player is able to achieve no matter what the weather conditions are.

Adidas believes that the smaller the space between a player’s foot and the top of the boot, the better his control over the ball. Optifit technology brings the upper materials in all areas as close as possible to the top of the foot.

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Adidas Predator X Elite

These Predators are the same shoes that Zinedine Zidane has assisted Adidas to make. Trying them out throughout the development and manufacturing of the shoe at every stage. Other players who helped include the likes of Lionel Messi as well.

The leather on these football shoes is Taurus leather, Optifit for more accurate fit and better ball contact, new power spine technology for improved power and ball control, Traixon for stud pressure distribution and asymmetric laces for a cleaner strike on the ball.

The Predator experience is guaranteed to be more accurate and more precision perfect than ever before.

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