5 luxury watches for sports professionals

A top quality timepiece is a vital part of any sports professional’s kit, as key as the equipment they need to perform in their chosen sport. When you’re in a world in which every millisecond counts, you need to know the time – and your times – and you need to be super accurate.

That’s not forgetting matters of style either. The perfect watch for the sports pro shouldn’t just be practical, it needs to hold its own with the very best items on How To Spend It too.

Here’s five fabulous watches that have the credentials to meet these requirements…

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Laptimer

Motorsports is one area where the accuracy of time-keeping is absolutely essential. It’s with this in mind that the Royal Oak Concept Laptimer was forged, in a project taking five years. The $230,000 timepiece reflects its sheer quality and its sport-friendly features include lap timing and flyback functions.

Nixon Supertide

Surfs up, and this is the watch you’ll need. Its high-res digital screen shows the sunrise, tide, and sunset data for more than 230 beaches right across the globe and, best of all, it matches up with the motion of the waves so you can know exactly when you can catch the best action. It costs $200 and is available in red, blue, black, white or green.

Graham Watches

Graham of London has an almost unparalleled pedigree when it comes to sporting timepieces thanks to its relationship with Formula 1 and rugby. It even produced a range of specially designed watches – the Oversize collection – to be worn by referees at the RBS 6 Nations with a titanium lightweight case surrounded by a soft-touch rubber and a red stop lever – to be pressed during breaks in play – to match the colour of the strap.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer

Training for a triathlon is a tough ask and it requires the support of a quality timepiece to make sure you’re on track with your intense training regime. This watch, which sells for about $230, tracks distance and pace, but it also displays more detailed stats such as elevation gain and heart rate. It has water resistance to 50 metres, ideally for Ironman challenges that jump from the bike to water.

Victorinox Dive Master 500

The Ironman watch might perform well under water, but for those who need a watch that can perform much deeper, the Victorinox Dive Master 500 is ideal. This is a brand that is well known for its hard-wearing high-end Swiss Army watches and this ticks all of those boxes too. It features a stainless steel case, robust rubber band and a sapphire crystal face that is triple-coated to withstand scratches that come with heavy sporting activity. It’s also anti-reflective to ensure that the glare of sunlight doesn’t get between you and your watch in the heat of the action. But, best of all, is the fact that this $795 watch is water resistant down to 500 metres – an impressive 50 atmospheres of water weight.

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