10,000 goals of Corinthians

The Brazilian club, Corinthians, is now a home to the 33 year old striker Ronaldo, the 36 year old defender Roberto Carlos and a keeper who has the same name as the current Brazil shot-stopper, Julio Cesar. On September 1, 2010 Corinthians will mark 100 years of existence. In these 100 years, Timao (translation: big tream) have won a number of trophies but most importantly, this Sunday Corinthians scored their 10,000th goal.

It was the home-grown 21 year old striker Dentinho, who score achieved the mark. During the halftime, Dentinho said:

“It was a dream of mine to score this goal, with the help of God it came true.”

Corinthians went on to win the match 2-1. The victory also places them among the four leading teams in the Sao Paulo championship.

From the club’s founding on September 1st, 1910, to the game against Santo Andre, Corinthians played 5,152 games with an average of 1.94 goals per game. Claudio, the forward who played from 1945 to 1957, is the highest scorer of all time with 305 goals. The list goes on to include Baltazar. Playing in the same period as Claudio, he added 267 goals. Teleco (1934-1944) and Neco (1913-1930) each had 254 goals.

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