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Average Revenue per User in Digital Games Industry Jumped by 11% YoY, the Biggest Increase Since 2017

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Dec 14 2022

For the first time in its history, the gaming industry has seen its user base shrink this year, with the number of gamers plunging by almost 115 million globally. Despite…

Video games

US Consumers to Generate Nearly 60% of Global Sports and Energy Drinks Revenue in 2022

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Dec 5 2022

Energy and sports drinks are set to become a $166bn worth industry in 2022, with revenues growing by a CAGR of 4.5% year-over-year. Although the two drinks are bought by…

Sports and energy

Brazil and Germany Have the Highest Number of Goals Scored at FIFA World Cups, 231 and 230 so Far

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Dec 5 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Golden Boot race is on, with some of the world’s best goal-scorers taking their talents to the biggest stage. While France’s Kylian Mbappe leads the…

FIFA World Cup top-scoring

Streaming Viewership Falls for Five Quarters in a Row with 7.27B Hours Watched in Q3, an 11% Drop YOY

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Nov 29 2022

After a record-breaking 2020 and 2021, live streaming viewership continued falling for the fifth quarter in a row. According to data presented by Sports Lens, gamers and eSports fans spent…

Live game streaming viewrship

World’s Top 10 Most Valuable Football Clubs Grossed $6.5B in 2022, 300M more than Last Year

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Nov 22 2022

After a challenging last season, most of the world’s top-grossing football clubs have seen their revenue grow in 2022. Most of the increase came in matchday and broadcasting revenues, with…

Football clubs revenue in

Samsung Galaxy Top Android Phone Globally with a 7.4% Market Share in November

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Nov 21 2022

Last year, more than one billion Android smartphones were shipped across the globe. Today, the world’s most popular mobile operating system has over 2.8 billion active users, and most prefer…

Samsung Android market share in

Dallas Cowboys the Most Followed NFL Team with 12.5M Fans on Facebook and Twitter

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Nov 16 2022

Playing the world’s top-grossing sport brings millions of fans, besides the field watching live games, and on social media as well. Clubs from the National Football League count their social…

Dallas Cowboys social media

Mobile Games to Lose 80 million Players in 2022

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Nov 9 2022

The gaming industry has faced a variety of headwinds and challenges in 2022, which caused a first-ever user drop. Regulatory issues in China, inflation, and the end of Covid-19 lockdowns…

Mobile games user drop in

App Store Grossed $65B in Nine Months of 2022, more than twice as Google Play

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Oct 26 2022

After years of impressive growth, the global app market started slowing down in 2022, both in revenue and downloads. However, people still spend billions of dollars on mobile apps each…

App Store nine-month

Romelu Lukaku Tops List of Biggest Market Value Losers in 2022

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Oct 15 2022

Plenty of football stars saw their market value plummet last season, whether because of the transfer flop, someone who struggled for form or an aging player. However, some names stand…

Chelsea's Romelu Lukaku Spent The Last Season On Loan At Inter

Global App Market to Hit $490B in Revenue and 262 billion Downloads in 2023

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Sep 28 2022

With roughly 6.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide, or 82% of the world’s population, the mobile app industry continues surging with no signs of stopping any time soon. In 2022,…

Global app revenue in

Manchester City Becomes the Second Largest Brand in Football World, Ahead of Barcelona FC

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Sep 13 2022

In top-tier football leagues, players’ market values are measured in hundreds of millions of euros, while clubs often come with a one billion euros price tag. Although Spanish clubs have…

Manchester City FC brand

World’s Five Most Valuable Football Players Worth more than AC Milan, Aston Villa or Juventus

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Sep 6 2022

Big spending in the 2022 summer transfers window showed that football is recovering financially after Covid-19, with some of the world’s best players witnessing their market values surge after signing…

Football players`s market value

More than 1.1M Apps Removed from Google Play Store in the First Half of 2022

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Aug 29 2022

As one of the two largest distribution channels for mobile apps, Google Play has significantly cut down the number of available apps since the beginning of the year. According to…

Google play cover resize
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