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PlayStation Plus Hit 47.4M Subscribers, 11.4M more than Nintendo Switch Online

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  May 7 2023

With $70 becoming the new normal for major video game releases, more and more gamers are turning to subscription services, offering hundreds of titles, monthly bonus games, and online multiplayer…

PlayStation Plus subscribers

Esports Viewership to Reach 665 Million People by 2025

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  May 4 2023

The eSports industry has grown tremendously over the past decade, both in terms of how much money it makes and how many people watch it. Today, competitive gaming has hundreds…

Esports viewership in

Top 5 Most Valuable National Football Teams Worth Over €4.4B; England and France Top the List

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Apr 26 2023

European football clubs are willing to spend heavily on signing new players, many of which come with hefty price tags. The mega-money deals the football industry has seen over the…

Football national

Global PC Shipments Plunged 30% Year-over-Year to 56.9M Units in Q1 2023

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Apr 24 2023

Over the past years, global PC and laptop ownership and usage have significantly decreased, mainly replaced by smartphones. The downsizing trend continued this year, with PC shipments seeing a double-digit…

PC shipments in Q1

Chinese Esports Industry to Gross $445M this Year, Almost as US and South Korean Markets Combined

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Apr 17 2023

Although government restrictions significantly cut down gaming revenues and the number of gamers in China last year, the country’s eSports market continued growing. Last year, the Chinese eSports industry grossed…

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Console Gaming Market to Gross $21.2B in Revenue in 2023, 4.3% more than Last Year

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Apr 17 2023

As one of the oldest and most popular forms of gaming, console gaming is set to witness a strong year in 2023, with revenues and the number of users rising…

Console gaming market in

Nintendo Hit Almost $63B in Revenue Since Launching the Switch Console

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Apr 12 2023

Besides climbing on the list of the most popular video game consoles of all time, Switch continues bringing enormous profits for the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo. According to data presented…

Nintendo net

Nike, Adidas, and Puma Lost Over $50B in Stock Value Year-over-Year

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Apr 10 2023

The world’s largest sports brands grossed tens of billions of dollars from sports equipment and apparel sales in the past years. But as the sales figures increased and reached new…

Nike, Adidas and Puma stock value

Chinese Gaming Revenues to Jump by 18% YoY to $107B in 2023, but the Number of Gamers Remains Below 2021 Levels

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Mar 28 2023

The Chinese gaming industry is recovering after a harsh 2022, probably one of the most challenging years in its history. The government restrictions cut Chinese gaming revenues by a massive…

Chinese gaming industry in

Metaverse Gaming Revenues to Surge by 40% Year-over-Year to $13.8B in 2023

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Mar 27 2023

As one of the largest segments of the metaverse industry, metaverse gaming continues growing in popularity, with more and more gamers searching for a unique, personalized, and immersive gaming experience….

Metaverse gaming market

Nike Grossed $78.3B from Apparel Sales in the Last Six Years, almost as Adidas and Puma Combined

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Mar 22 2023

As one of the largest and most recognizable brands on the planet, Nike holds the biggest share of the global sportswear market. The sportswear titan has seen years of continuous…

Nike apparel

Discord Hit Over Half a Billion Users in 2023; User Count Grows 23% Year-over-Year

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Sep 12 2023

Over the past five years, Discord has seen its user base almost triple, with millions of gamers and non-gamers choosing the platform as their top online space to communicate and…

Discord user count in

Top Five Pokémon Gaming Apps hit 196M in Lifetime Downloads; Pokémon UNITE Made One-Third of that Number

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Mar 14 2023

As one of Nintendo`s most successful game franchises, Pokémon is still going strong, even 27 years after being introduced to the gaming world. But besides buying console titles, like Pokémon…

Pokemon gaming

Steam Released Almost 11,000 New Titles Last Year, the Highest Number in the Platform’s History

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Mar 13 2023

The world’s largest PC gaming platform, Steam, has seen a surge in the number of new releases over the past five years, with the annual number of new gaming titles…

Steam new releases in

Nintendo is the Top Gaming Company in the United States; More Popular than Electronic Arts, Epic Games or Activision Blizzard

Author image Jastra Kranjec  •  Sep 12 2023

While the United States might have some of the largest gaming companies in the world, worth tens of billions of dollars and counting millions of users across the globe, all…

Top gaming companies in the
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