Why are Manchester City strikers obsessed with past clubs?

Scott over at Republik of Mancunia has an excellent comparative analysis of Adebayor (ex-Arsenal) and Tevez (ex-Manchester United) and their actions since joining Manchester City.

As Scott rightly points out, many players have less than pleasant exits from their clubs, but if the departed player makes it a point to taunt / talk about his old club again and again and again, then that player’s head is not screwed on right.

Adebayor and Tevez were both heroes at Arsenal and United, and in their last seasons at their respective clubs they both under-performed for different reasons. A good start at Manchester City is great for the Blues and of course great for the careers of these two strikers, but maybe they should focus more on their new club and stop worrying about the teams that let them go?

After all, it’s not as if they went to an inferior club just for the money, did they? Of course not. It was money AND titles. Just ask Robinho.

Scott’s article: Tale Of Two Strikers Forced Out And Obsessed With Former Club

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