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Diego Maradona is an Argentina legend, a World Cup winner and a former coach of Argentina’s national team.

The 1994 World Cup in USA: Build Up, Tournament & Legacy

A country with unparalleled wealth, a football league with low viewing figures and overall a weird choice compared to the other bids to host...

PHOTO: GOD lends support to Luis Suarez

Argentina legend Diego Maradona has publicly come out and expressed his support to Uruguay and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. #Brasil2014 #URU El apoyo de Maradona...

A signed shirt from Robin van Persie, Lionel Messi, Maradona or Paul Scholes?

In the past and the present, football players have enjoyed a special place in a football fan's life.

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Retro Football Kits

Throughout history, people have been kicking a ball but the earliest scientific evidence suggest that it was an exercise from a military manual in...

Footballers and Guns

Ex-Wimbledon star Vinnie Jones infamously launched his movie career in the film ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ where his prized assets were two...

The Rise, The Fall and Resurgence Of Napoli

Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli is currently undergoing a renaissance that is relating to those glorious days in the eighties when under the spell of Diego...

10 Great Football Player Rivalries

Pele vs. Diego Maradona Brazil's #10 vs. Argentina's #10. The man who won three World Cups versus the man who won the World Cup almost...

Soccerlens Top 10 Fighting Footballers

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Do you want to get into Maradona’s underpants?

If you're one of his mistresses then I suppose you already have. If you're one of those potential Diego Maradona mistresses, then I suppose...

Blackburn Target Madcap Maradona To Replace ‘Big Sam’

Strange as it may seem to us on the outside, but the latest fad sweeping through the boardrooms of the Premier League appears to...

Football Algebra

Unless we’re watching an International friendly, the days of a football team donning the traditional 1 to 11 numbering system is long behind us. Since...