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World At Your Feet – Remembering Maradona, Pele and game’s greatest goals



If you ask today’s youngsters about the best goals they have ever seen, the names of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar will be the most-common retort.

However, a new iconic children’s football book is a must-have to teach the next generation of football fans about the best goals of the recent past.

World At Your Feet features colourful depictions of goals scored at summer tournaments by Pele, Diego Maradona and the heroes of yesteryear, bringing their incredible feats of skills and technique to life.

With poetic descriptions of the wonder goals courtesy of football journalist Rob Parker and accompanying artwork by renowned Spanish illustrator Lawerta, this book is sure to be a favourite at bedtimes.

Maradona’s amazing solo effort against England in 1986, Michael Owen’s equivalent against Argentina in 1998 and Roger Milla’s memorable celebration at Italia 90 are some of the memories vividly captured.

World At Your Feet is 40 pages of eye-catching design, iconic football history and nostalgia – all combined in a pristine product.

An ideal present, the book is available for sale on May 15.

Available for just £8.99 and with free delivery to anywhere in the UK, World At Your Feet is a must for football aficionados and youngsters learning about the beautiful game.