Will everyone at Chelsea get 5-year, 130k / week deals?

Oh, how Robinho must be itching to join Chelsea. Where else would you get a 5-year, 130k/week contract that makes you ‘set for life’ by the time you retire at the ripe age of 34 before getting into coaching/playing a washed-up celebrity on TV/pretending to be a pundit while waiting for a coaching job?

For all the supposedly great clubs in the world – Arsenal with the ‘best football’, United the ‘most valuable’ club, Real Madrid the ‘most successful’, etc etc – none match Chelsea’s ambition to be the best in the world. Ambition must not be equated with ability, but on current evidence this bunch of players, above 25 for sure, are set to rule English football for several years to come.

Get rich, be part of a club on the rise (with their history, one could say that there’s nowhere to go but up), play in the wealthiest league in the world (on a collective level) – who wouldn’t want to come to Chelsea?

Didier Drogba and Joe Cole have 2 years left on their contracts. These will most likely be discussed next summer but by that time you can expect both players to demand lucrative deals similar to Frank Lampard. Robinho would come for less, but only because of the low wages he’s paid (even the new contract supposedly on offer is lower than what he’d get at Chelsea) at the moment.

Doesn’t all this make you wish you were a footballer with some talent?

And before you say you would play for your favourite club instead of Chelsea, here’s the million pound question for you:

50k/week to sit on the bench at Chelsea v 25k/week to sit on the bench at [your club] – pick your poison.

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